Current Ambassadors

Here are some materials and forms you'll need to continue your wonderful work on campus as CRS Student Ambassadors:

    2019-2020 Ambassador Calendar

    2019-2020 Monthly Action Guides

    • April 2020
      • Theme: Easter, Earth Day and COVID-19
      • Catholic Social Teaching: Care for Creation
      • This Month's Actions: Campus Applications for CRS SALT Summit 2020, Digital Advocacy, CRS Rice Bowl 2020, CRS Summer Internships
    • March 2020
      • Theme: COVID-19 Resources for Lent and Advocacy
      • Catholic Social Teaching: Solidarity/Solidaridad
      • This Month's Actions: Campus Applications for CRS SALT Summit 2020, Digital Advocacy, CRS Rice Bowl 2020
    • February 2020
      • Theme: Voice Your Values
      • Catholic Social Teaching: Life and Dignity of the Human Person/Vida y dignidad de la persona human
      • This Month's Actions: Campus Applications for CRS SALT Summit 2020, Plan a Voice Your Values in-district advocacy visit; CRS Rice Bowl 2020
    • December 2019/January 2020
      • Theme: Early Childhood Development and the Global Child Thrive Act
      • Catholic Social Teaching: Call to Family, Community and Participation
      • CRS on the Ground: Early Childhood Development
      • This month's actions: Advocacy on the Global Child Thrive Act, Fall 2019 CRS Campus Reports
      • Next month's action planning: CRS SALT Summit, Voice Your Values Advocacy Visits, CRS Rice Bowl
    • November 2019
      • Theme: Community Giving
      • Catholic Social Teaching: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
      • CRS on the Ground: I am Migration and I am Global Hunger - new videos
      • This month's actions: Community Giving and DIY Training
      • Next month's action planning: Plan for a Spring 2020 Voice Your Values in-district visit with your members of Congress
    • October 2019
      • Theme: I am Global Hunger & Advocacy
      • Catholic Social Teaching: Rights and Responsibilities
      • CRS on the Ground: I am Global Hunger
      • This month's actions: Attend a Fall 2019 Training and Campus-Wide Advocacy Opportunity
      • Next month's action planning: Community Giving
    • September 2019
      • Theme: Fall Kick-Off & I am Migration 
      • Catholic Social Teaching: Migration
      • CRS on the Ground:  I am Migration
      • This month's action: Attend a Fall 2019 Training
      • Next month's action planning: Host a Campus-Wide Advocacy Opportunity

    Archived 2018-2019 Monthly Action Guides

    Archived 2017-2018 Monthly Action Guides


    Action Menu and Resources

    COVID-19-Friendly Digital Advocacy

    Note: We are currently working on exciting, new, bipartisan legislation called the Global Child Thrive Act as part of our I am Global Hunger and I am Migration campaigns. The Global Child Thrive Act would direct the administration to integrate Early Childhood Development strategies and activities into U.S. international programs focused on children to help them better grow, develop and thrive! 

    Review the Global Child Thrive Act Backgrounder & Talking Points

    COVID-19-Friendly Digital Giving

    • Create a Community Giving page and invite people to donate at a particular event, through a long-term initiative, or through an email campaign.
    • Use CRS Rice Bowl resources for your individual Lenten journey or to bring your community together virtually during the Lenten season.


    • Basic Information: CRS Summer Hire/Intern Program
      • Specific positions for Summer 2020 are posted on a rolling basis during Spring 2020. Find open positions by going to the CRS Careers Page then clicking on "Explore Current Career Opportunities" and typing "summer hire" into the search box. Check back regularly as positions are posted on a department-by-department basis throughout the spring.
      • Two key summer hire/intern opportunities for current or alumni CRS Student Ambassadors that will support CRS SALT Summit 2020:
    • View a brochure about CRS internship and volunteer opportunities.

    Graduation Cords for Graduating Ambassadors

    • Each spring, we are honored to recognize and thank our dedicated graduating CRS Student Ambassadors with complimentary blue and white CRS cords that can be worn at graduation and other commencement activities. Stay tuned for Spring 2020 order form.
    • Photos of some graduates rocking their blue and white CRS cords:

    Semester Reporting

      • Each CRS Student Ambassador group is expected to fill out a brief report in December (for Fall Semester) and April/May (for Spring Semester).
      • Spring 2020 Report is due May 7, 2020: Submit Now! 

      Organizing One-Pagers

      CRS Upholds Catholic Teaching and Values

      As an organization of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Relief Services is resolute in its commitment to the Church and its teaching.  Thus we ask that when CRS Student Ambassadors are officially representing CRS in any capacity (media, social media, events, etc.) they familiarize themselves with our policies, stances and values to accurately represent our work.  Please see this link for more information, and we invite you to contact us with any questions prior to events or media inquiries.