Current Ambassadors

Here are some materials and forms you'll need to continue your wonderful work on campus as CRS Student Ambassadors:

    2018-2019 Ambassador Calendar

    Monthly Meeting Guides

    • November 2018
      • Theme: YouthBuild (Addressing Root Causes of Migration from Central America) & Preparing for In-District Advocacy Visits
      • Catholic Social Teaching 101: Solidarity
      • CRS on the Ground: YouthBuild Programming in El Salvador and Guatemala
      • October 2018

        • Theme: Emergency Response
        • Catholic Social Teaching 101: Life & Dignity of the Human Person
        • CRS on the Ground: Responding to Crises around the World
      • September 2018
        • Theme: Advocacy
        • Catholic Social Teaching 101 Theme: Rights & Responsibilities
        • CRS on the Ground: SALT - CRS Student Ambassador Advocate on Capitol Hill

      2017-2018 Archive

      • December 2017 
        • Theme: I am Migration
        • Catholic Social Teaching 101 Theme: Solidarity
        • CRS on the Ground: Rohingya Refugee Crisis
      • January 2018 
        • Theme: I am Human Trafficking
        • Catholic Social Teaching 101 Theme: Dignity of Work & Rights of Workers
        • CRS on the Ground: The Four Ps of Human Trafficking
      • February 2018 
        • Theme: Launch of I am Global Hunger
        • Catholic Social Teaching 101 Theme: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
        • CRS on the Ground: Global Hunger and Agriculture
      • March 2018
        • Theme: I am Climate Change
        • Catholic Social Teaching 101 Theme: Caring for Creation
        • CRS on the Ground: Vanishing Water in Bolivia & Climate Change in Zimbabwe
      • April 2018
        • Theme: Changing the Way We Care
        • Catholic Social Teaching 101 Theme: Call to Family, Community and Participation
        • CRS on the Ground: Changing the Way we Care Initiative - De-Institutionalization of Children 

      Organizing One-Pagers

      National Advisory Council

      Check out this blog post to better understand how the National Advisory Council can support your work on campus.  We will also be looking for new members Fall 2018, so stay tuned to make a nomination.


      • View and Apply for All Summer 2018 Internship Opportunities: Visit our CRS Careers page and type "Summer" or "Summer Position" into the search bar to see the options available across all CRS departments (majority based at our Baltimore, MD Headquarters).
      • View and Apply for CRS University Engagement Summer 2018 Internship Opportunity: Apply for the summer internship position on our team and help us plan and implement CRS SALT Summit and get ready for the 2018-2019 academic year!
      • Basic Information
        • Positions are posted on a department by department basis, which means you will need to apply separately to any that meet your interests and skills.  It also means that they are posted at different times, so please continue to check back frequently for updated and additional postings.
        • Applications are done through the online system and are reviewed on a case by case basis.  Please consider getting your application in as soon as possible, but as long as the posting is still visible, the position hasn't been filled, so you're welcome to continue applying until all postings are taken down.
        • CRS University Engagement is one department in which you could intern, and we love having veteran CRS Student Ambassadors on our team for the summer to help enhance our programming!
      • View a brochure about CRS internship and volunteer opportunities.

      Graduation Cords for Graduating Ambassadors

      Reporting Tools: Bi-Annual State of Your Chapter Report

        • Each CRS Student Ambassador group is required to fill out a brief report in January (for Fall Semester) and April (for Spring Semester).
        • The annual Spring report will serve to renew your chapter for the following year.

        2017-2018 Campus Reports

        • Please register, log-in, and update the Ambassadors/Advisors and Events you've been involved in this year as well as fill-in the other requested information.  Due date: Friday, May 4, 2018.
        • Notes: this is a new platform, so it's possible for multiple people from your university to log-in and update information at any time, which we have heard as a request from you! In the future, this means you'll also have flexibility to report on events as they happen or wait until the end of the year or end of a semester to provide all of your information.  Please share any feedback you have!
        • Tip: After you add an event, you'll have to wait several seconds before it shows up - no need to panic or re-add - just give it a little time.

        Graduated/Alumni Ambassadors & Other 20s and 30s-Somethings

        Please provide us with your updated (non college/university) email address so that we can stay in touch with you via this brief form.

        Connect with other CRS Student Ambassador Chapters

        • Check out our map of current Chapters so you can reach out to nearby schools.
        • Keep up with the Latest on Campus through our blog.

          CRS Upholds Catholic Teaching and Values

          As an organization of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Relief Services is resolute in its commitment to the Church and its teaching.  Thus we ask that when CRS Student Ambassadors are officially representing CRS in any capacity (media, social media, events, etc.) they familiarize themselves with our policies, stances and values to accurately represent our work.  Please see this link for more information, and we invite you to contact us with any questions prior to events or media inquiries. 




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