About CRS University

CRS University Engagement

Catholic campuses across the country play a critical role in informing and steering the national dialogue on today’s most pressing justice issues, and college students are today’s most socially-minded, compassionate, eager, and effective change agents. For these reasons, CRS prioritizes outreach to Catholic colleges, Catholic universities and Newman Centers.

Catholic Relief Services’ University Engagement invites Catholic colleges and universities as well as Catholic organizations on other campuses to partner with CRS through education, prayer and action activities and to join in solidarity with the global poor. 


Catholic Relief Services Mission and Work

Catholic Relief Services is motivated by the Gospel of Jesus Christ to cherish, preserve and uphold the sacredness and dignity of all human life, foster charity and justice, and embody Catholic teaching. An agency of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, CRS represents Catholics in the United States in 93 countries around the world.  We respond to human needs and promote human development by providing help during major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, and nurturing peaceful and just societies. CRS provides opportunities for Catholics in the United States to live their faith in solidarity with our poorest brothers and sisters around the world.

How Can You Become a Part of CRS University?

Campuses can partner with CRS to advance this important mission in three ways:

  • -   Start a CRS Student Ambassador Program Chapter: The CRS Student Ambassador program engages college students in tangible acts of solidarity to build a more just and peaceful world. Colleges and universities form on-campus chapters of student leaders who are trained by CRS to mobilize their peers and bring to life the mission of global solidarity on campus.  Chapters are connected to one another and to CRS in order to build a national movement for impactful change.

  • -   Become part of the CRS Faculty Learning Commons: The CRS Faculty Learning Commons (FLC) provides opportunities for faculty members and other academic leaders to enrich student learning experiences by tapping into CRS’ expertise in global development and humanitarian response around the world. CRS develops online academic reading material and hosts opportunities for classroom interaction with CRS’ global staff. Examples of recent modules include: Peacebuilding, Climate Change, Human Trafficking, and Fair & Ethical Trade.

  • -   Become a CRS Global Campus: A CRS Global Campus promotes global solidarity through an institutional partnership with CRS.  A CRS Global Campus is engaged throughout the three core constituencies of a college/university: institutional, faculty and students - with the support of campus ministry and social justice staff. CRS Global Campuses participate in the CRS Student Ambassador program and the CRS Faculty Learning Commons (FLC) program and establish an interdisciplinary CRS advisory group.  The advisory group sustains the partnership and supports broad engagement on campus including during major global emergencies.

For more information, please contact CRS staff at university@crs.org.