About Student Ambassadors


The CRS Student Ambassador program partners with colleges and universities to equip students as leaders and advocates for the global common good through CRS. Campus partners are connected to one another and to CRS in order to build a national movement for social change.


Download Tri-Fold Brochure for Catholic colleges and universities

Download Tri-Fold Brochure for Newman Centers at non-Catholic universities

How does the CRS Student Ambassador program work?

CRS Student Ambassadors and Staff Advisors at partner campuses engage their campus community to act on global emergencies and injustices, particularly through the "I am the Cause. I am the Solution" campaign and around the issues of human trafficking, climate change, migration, and global hunger. Ambassadors organize advocacy opportunities, educational events, and fundraising campaigns for global emergencies. CRS holds regional trainings each year and national summits every other year to bring campus leaders together to form a national community of students committed to advancing global justice, peace and human dignity.

What do CRS Student Ambassadors do?
  • Learn about the root causes of global poverty and injustice.
  • Develop leadership skills and use them to take action.
  • Organize and educate others through solidarity vigils, CRS Ethical Trade sales, advocacy, and more.
  • Connect faith to action, and make a difference on campus and around the world.
  • Participate in a national network that remains connected to CRS through college and beyond.
What are the Core Elements of a CRS Student Ambassador program?
  • Student Leadership
    • A core group of committed students to serve as CRS Student Ambassadors
    • Regular participation by some CRS Student Ambassadors in CRS-sponsored trainings
  • Institutional Support
    • A campus staff or faculty member who agrees to serve as the CRS Staff Advisor and support CRS Student Ambassadors and their initiatives
    • A sponsoring office, department, division, or other "home" on campus. Some CRS Student Ambassadors elect to become an official club or organization on campus while others remain within the struture of an office like Campus Ministry, a Newman Center, or a center for service and justice.
  • Impact
    • Participate in "I am the Cause. I am the Solution" advocacy campaigns
    • Aim for at least 3 events or other campus touchpoints each year
  • Communication with CRS
    • Identify at least one CRS Student Ambassador and CRS Staff Advisor to liaise with CRS.
    • Submit regular reports (twice annually) with updates on initiatives, events, and activities on campus.
How can I join or start a relationship with the CRS Student Ambassador program on my campus?