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Conflict and persecution around the globe have forced millions of individuals to flee for their lives. More than 70 million people are displaced globally and are seeking asylum or safe shelter within their own country or other countries. In overcrowded refugee settlements, it’s nearly impossible to social distance, making these communities more vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19.

CRS believes all people deserve safe housing, basic healthcare, and necessities like soap and clean water. We’re leading the way in providing refugees with lifesaving basic necessities such as food, water and shelter. Together, we can do even more. We can—and must—do more.


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Annet's Story: A Safe Refugee Settlement in Uganda

La historia de Annet: Un refugio seguro en Uganda

Majd's Story: Continuing Education in Iraq

Innumerables familias se han visto obligadas a huir de sus hogares debido a la violencia en Irak.

Carmen's Story: Speaking from the Heart in the US

La historia de Carmen: Hablando desde el corazón en los Estados Unidos

Soraya's Story: Safe Spaces Heal Trauma in the Philippines

La historia de Soraya: Los espacios seguros brindan sanación en Filipinas

Carlos' Story: Changes in Climate Force Migration in Guatemala

La historia de Carlos: Cambios climáticos fuerzan la migración en Guatemala

Academic and Deeper Learning Resources

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Meeting the Challenges of the World's Refugee Crisis

Coping with COVID-19 and Migration Pressure in Senegal

Helping Refugees Integrate into Society: Spotlight from Bulgaria

Peace in the Sahel: CRS Policy Recommendations for the US Government

Making sense of refugee support using narratives to evaluate a program to protect and integrate refugees in Ecuador

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