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Catholic Relief Services' University Engagement invites Catholic colleges and universities, as well as Catholic organizations on other campuses, to join us in solidarity with the world's most vulnerable populations through education, prayer, giving, and action.

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What is a CRS Global Campus?

A CRS Global Campus promotes global solidarity through an institutional partnership with CRS that engaged the three core constituencies of a college or university--institutional, faculty, and students--with the support of campus staff.  CRS Global Campuses participate in the CRS Student Ambassador and the Faculty Learning Commons programs, and establish an interdisciplinary CRS advisory group.  The advisory group sustains the partnership and supports broad engagement on campus, including during major global emergencies.



Benefits of Becoming a CRS Global Campus

  • Biennial academic and leadership conference for students and faculty
  • Opportunity to apply to overseas experiences for faculty, students, and administration
  • Priority access to CRS speakers on campus
  • Opportunities to represent CRS at conferences and events
  • Consultation with CRS field and technical experts on curriculum, courses, programs, and international immersion experiences
  • Opportunity to advise CRS on university engagement programming



Framework for Engagement


A CRS Global Campus designation provides faculty, students, and administrators the opportunity to integrate the practice of global solidarity into the life of the institution.  With the support of a signed agreement between CRS and the campus president, a Global Campus forms an interdisciplinary advisory group of faculty and staff which will meet bi-annually.  The committee will facilitate campus communications, coordinate and promote CRS programs, events, and activities, advise CRS on programmatic improvements and new opportunities on campus, and ensure impact assessment and evaluation.

A Global Campus will choose to implement two of the following:

  • Promote campus participation in CRS Rice Bowl during Lent
  • Promote CRS as a preferred agency to support during global emergencies
  • Support CRS policy priorities through advocacy engagement
  • Offer fair trade items through CRS in dining halls, coffee shops and bookstores.



A CRS Global Campus provides the opportunity to enrich academic programs through information from, and interaction with, CRS experts working on the front lines of global issues.  At least 3 faculty members per year from each CRS Global Campus participate in the CRS Faculty Learning Commons (FLC) and promote the program among their colleagues.  The FLC is an online learning community and curricular resource that highlights the latest strategies for global relief and development with special emphasis on the application of CRS' justice lens and opportunities for building global solidarity.



Students can join a national network of other students taking action to combat global poverty and build justice and peace.  Under the supervision of a student advisor, a Global Campus will organize a CRS Student Ambassador chapter.  With guidance from CRS, a Student Ambassador chapter will organize and lead campus campaigns on CRS issue priorities, committing to three events or activities per year.  A chapter maintains at least 10 students in the program (within 2 years of its inception), elects a president and vice president and a core team, and provides bi-annual reports on program assessment and impact.  During a global emergency, chapters provide campus-wide leadership for contributing to the relief and recovery work of CRS.



For Additional Information 

Explore our website at

See Marquette University's CRS Global Campus webpage.

Watch this brief video highlighting Saint John's University becoming a CRS Global Campus:


How to Become a CRS Global Campus

Contact or your regional CRS office to ask for more information and have an initial conversation.  In order to be a CRS Global Campus, a college or university needs to have already established participation in our CRS Student Ambassador program and CRS Faculty Learning Commons.


Current CRS Global Campus Partners

  • Assumption College
  • Cabrini University
  • Carroll College
  • Catholic University of America
  • Creighton University
  • DePaul University
  • Manhattan College
  • Marquette University
  • Saint John's University (NY)
  • Saint Vincent College
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Villanova University