I am Global Hunger

One in nine people worldwide do not have enough to eat. Most live in developing countries. Food insecurity is caused by a variety of factors, including emergencies like drought and flooding, as well as war and other armed conflict, that prevent people from accessing food. In other cases, food insecurity is a result of systemic poverty, like the lack of sustainable economic and agricultural infrastructure.

Consistent access to sufficient nutritious food is necessary for good physical and mental health, and for honoring the dignity of each person. Catholic Relief Services believes that ending global hunger means responding to immediate hunger emergencies while also preventing hunger—through sustainable development that addresses the root causes of poverty.

In an emergency, food distribution is essential to preserve and protect life. But emergency food assistance is only one piece of a continuum to address the root causes of poverty and hunger, including: access to clean water and diverse foods, improved sanitation, community infrastructure, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, and sustainable livelihoods and incomes. That’s why CRS works to care for the whole person, family, community, and the Earth, in addressing systemic poverty. CRS often partners with the U.S. government to carry out our work. For instance, the Food for Peace program provided food from the U.S. government to feed nearly 3 million people in Ethiopia when the country was struck by severe drought. The Food for Peace program also supports long-term CRS programs in Niger, Malawi, Madagascar and Guatemala that address immediate hunger as well as root causes. But as escalating natural disasters, war and health crises wreak havoc on food sources, water and livelihoods, we can—and must—do more.


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I am Global Hunger

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I am Global Hunger

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I am Global Hunger

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I am Global Hunger

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I am Global Hunger

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