About Faculty Learning Commons


The CRS Faculty Learning Commons (FLC) provides online course materials for use in existing college and university classes. Developed by a team of CRS experts and faculty advisors, the CRS FLC topics draw on CRS’ overseas development work in almost 100 countries around the world.

Grounded in Catholic Social Teaching, Catholic Relief Services works to strengthen the capacity of local partners to better serve poor and vulnerable people through; programs that respond to emergencies, strengthen the well-being; of families and communities, and nurture peaceful and just societies. Drawing on CRS experience, as well as academic research, the FLC topics will enhance your understanding of these issues from both an academic and practical perspective.




How does the FLC work?

Each semester, the FLC features two academic session topics that connect to a core thematic area of CRS’ overseas work. Each session is designed as a two-week classroom module.

The program is intended for a university-level audience, and faculty can integrate the sessions/resources into their existing syllabus. However, we welcome all learners.



A quick, one-time registration will activate your account.

After activating your account, you can access current and past FLC session materials by signing up for each session. The sign-up process includes a few brief questions about how you will use the program.



Data and Assessment

The FLC program is free of charge to all users.  The sign-up data allows us to communicate key updates during the session, assess the program, and make changes based on user-feedback.

We welcome your feedback and questions.  To contact us, email university@crs.org.


Fair Use

The online course materials in the FLC modules are offered and intended for use under the Fair Use doctrine, meaning that their inclusion is aimed for release to a small interested audience and is not for commercial purposes.