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Nearly 842 million people worldwide face hunger on a daily basis.  Often times it is the most vulnerable in a community who suffer the greatest from hunger--women, the elderly, and children.  Hunger causes the deaths of about 5 million children each year, and approximately 17 million children are born underweight annually, the result of inadequate nutrition before and during pregnancy. (facts via CRS website)

For CRS, feeding the hungry isn't just about putting a nutritious meal on the table.  Rather, CRS works in sustainable and empowering ways to help millions of farmers worldwide increase their crop yields and incomes, improve their diets, and strengthen their relationships with local markets.  These are long-term efforts that affect people's lives for years to come.  Our agriculture work builds communities and futures by including rural people, particularly women, in decision-making activities that improve living conditions.

As college students, you can join with CRS, align yourself with our work overseas, and truly contribute to the fight against global hunger and for food security by praying, learning, acting, and giving with your campus community.




Ghana Prayer



1. About Global Hunger and Food Insecurity

2. Stories from CRS Work Overseas



1. Core CRS Programs

  • CRS Food Fast | CRS Food Fast is a hunger awareness and reflection experience. By fasting together in community, participants deepen their faith, understand realities connected to hunger, and stregthen their desire and ability to bring change to our world.
  • CRS Rice Bowl | CRS Rice Bowl is a Lenten faith-in-action program.  Through a simple cardboard box and many accompanying reflection, prayer, video, and action resources, our Lenten prayer, fasting, and almsgiving invite us to stand in solidarity with millions of our brothers and sisters living in poverty and hunger around the world.

2. CRS Activities and Resources

3. Advocacy

  • Catholics Confront Global Poverty (CCGP) | An initiative of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and CRS that calls us to defend the life and dignity of people living in poverty throughout the world and to urge our nation to act in response to the many faces of poverty.
    • The right to food is a basic right because it is required to sustain life and to live a truly human existence.  Thus, global hunger is always an urgent issue and is embedded into all of our action alerts because it is always connected to other issues, including global emergencies, human trafficking, climate change, migration, etc.  From time to time, there are also specific agriculture and food security-related action alerts.  Make sure you never miss an action alert and opportunity to have an impact by signing up to receive CCGP emails.



CRS Gift Catalog | Support Food and Farming

  • Purchase symbolic items (such as 2 bags of fertilizer for $20 or a rabbit for $27) to help CRS in its mission to distribute lifesaving food to people who are hungry as a result of poverty, conflict, and famine as well as to contribute to our long-term development work that assists people in feeding their own families, working toward self-sufficiency, and stewarding the earth's resources for future generations.

Create Your Own Fundraising Page

  • You can also invite your peers to support CRS work worldwide in combating global hunger.  Set up a page and you will receive a link that can be distributed widely on campus and/or used at a particular event to create more impact, such as a birthday celebration, big campus campaign, or other initiative.


Current Global Food Crisis | Ethiopia


Ethiopia Meme


Two failed rainy seasons in Ethiopia last year have led to severely reduced harvests and a shortage of food.  Families are struggling to get by, and malnutrition is rising.  Without immediate assistance, those in need of emergency food aid could surpass 15 million this year.  CRS is increasing efforts to aid 2.2 million people.  We are investing heavily in seeds for the current planting season.

Learn More | CRS Articles & Work in Ethiopia


Thank you for all of your prayers, advocacy, and solidarity with our global community, especially those suffering from hunger.  Please check our CRS Resource Center for more resources related to global hunger and other urgent issues facing our world.