A Day in the Life...

Learn more about what our two CRS University Engagement summer interns do here at CRS Headquarters in Baltimore!



Alexis Gardner - Social Media Intern

Working with social media means that every day has the potential to be different than the one before. There is something always happening and it can either be big news or small news, but you almost never know which one it's going to be. A new event can be scheduled at any time and it is part of my job to post about it on our social media channels which are: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We do also have Snapchat, but that is mainly used if we’re somewhere doing something, like a live in-person event or training.

So, my job mainly revolves around creating content that needs to be posted on social media. This is perfect for me because it coincides with one of my majors in college – Media Studies with a concentration in Journalism. My goal after college is to be a social media strategist for a company, so this internship is the best job for me to get my career started!

Usually when I am posting something on social media, it is to be scheduled in advance to be posted at a certain day/time. That is not always the case though. Sometimes we may post things live and as they’re happening. Remember when the Administration pulled out of the Paris Agreement? We were on standby waiting for the decision, and as soon as it was announced that the U.S. will no longer be a part of the agreement, we made sure we were on social media to express our disappointment in that choice. One of our issue campaigns is #IamClimateChange, so this was an extremely big deal to us.

Another part of my job is attending meetings with my supervisor, or with the other University Engagement intern – Chris Lackey. Being able to work with Chris is a lot of fun. We collaborate on projects together and try to think of new innovative ideas that can help the CRS Student Ambassador Program be an even better one than it already is. Currently, Chris and I are working on something we think the CRS Student Ambassadors will be pretty excited about. More information on that coming soon. (:

My days go by quite fast for the most part. I arrive at 8:30 a.m. and check for new emails about tasks I need to complete. Most of the time they have to do with social media, but not always. I go to meetings, do some social media posts, work on other tasks here and there and then all of a sudden it’s 4:30 and my day is over.  It’s the best job ever though, and I look forward to it every day.


Chris Lackey - University Engagement intern

I arrive at 8:00 am and the first thing I do is get a cup of fair trade coffee, beacuse it is necessary.  Then I sit down and check my email as that is the primary form of communication at CRS. Without email I would not be able to work!  I respond to emails that I did not get to yesterday and compose others.  Then, once all the communication is done (at least for a few minuets) I get to work on a project.

I will work on, for example, creating blog posts like this one, and gathering the necessary information to put it together into in a useful and meaningful way.  In this case it is pretty easy, - I just draw from my brain!  Or, I will work on organizing and understanding some data we recieved from the CRS Student Ambassador programs!  This can be great because I get to learn about what happened this last year all over the country on different campuses.

When noon rollsaround it is fun to meet up with the other interns and eat together.  Sometimes that means meeting on the 8th floor terrace to get outside and get some fresh air.   Or, it means going down to Lexington Market and getting some good pasta, Malaysian food, or wahtever we are hungry for.  Around 1:00 we go back to CRS to get back to the internship.

In the after noon I may have meetings of Four kinds;

1.  I may meet with my supervisor to talk about how things are going or to give and get updates about projects I am working on.  These are great meetings to get a grasp on what I am doing and what the team needs from me.  Additionaly I can us this time to figure out how I can get more out of the internship experience.  

2. A 1:1 with my fellow intern Alexis, we work great  together on various projects and brainstorming new ideas for the program.  

3. A whole staff meeting with out supervisor, Alexis, and myself.  We will talk about the projects we are all doing as well as how the weekend went and different things coming up during the week.  It is a great time to get work done with great people as well as get to know each other better.  

4. The other type of meeting is a 'rando', or a meeting where I am invited to listen in on a conversation and learn more about something CRS University is doing.  These are great as they give me a wider array of understanding of CRS and all the great things they do.  I have had the opportunity to learn and talk with people from the CRS Ethical Trade Department, as well as a Climate Change policy expert, and many more!  

Then at 4:00 I go home or meet up with some other interns to do something after work or on the weekend.  I am From Wisconsin (see 2017 intern bio blog) and have never been in Baltimore before, so I am trying to get the most out of it and CRS as I can.  

A day in the life of a CRS University Engagement intern is great precisely because the people you work with are great.  I want to learn about a specific issue area?  I can! I want to learn about advocacy in that issue area, well, no worries they do that too and know the people to talk to if you want to learn more!  It is exciting coming to work and being around passionate people, it makes me more passionate every day! 


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