6 Campus Highlights from 2016-2017

This summer, we are excited to honor 6 of our CRS Student Ambassador Chapters across the country for their great work on campus!  We've been posting their stories and pictures from the year on Instagram, which you can check out here:  Read on to see what they've been up to... and maybe to steal some of their ideas for your own campus!  At the very end you'll see what the reward is for their awesome outreach and events!Student Ambassadors at Ohio State University advocating for human dignity of workers

1. Ohio State University

The Ohio State University CRS Student Ambassador chapter is brand new this year, and started with a splash!  They collaborated with the Diocese of Columbus and the campus ministers at their Newman Center to hold a big kick-off event! They were also able to get CRS' Caroline Brennan to come and share her experience with refugees in the Middle East. 

2. Boston College 

BC Student Ambassadors tabling an event for climate change Boston College CRS Student Ambassadors have done outstanding work with our #IamClimateChange campaign over the past two years. They were able to reach 1,300 students last year and to write around 120 letters to their legislative leaders due to their diverse and well-thought out programming! 

Student Ambassadors at Mount Saint Mary's LA in their Mardi Gras gear

3. Mount Saint Mary’s University 

During the Lenten season, the CRS Student Ambassadors at Mount Saint's Mary's University in Los Angeles have been extremely involved with educating and engaging students about Lent with the incorporation of CRS Rice Bowl in their programming.

The picture featured shows some of the Student Ambassadors celebrating Fat Tuesday with festive Mardi Gras attire where they passed out cookies and CRS Rice Bowls. 

Student Ambassadors at Creighton University

4. Creighton University 

The CRS Student Ambassadors at Creighton University are fantastic examples of how to incorporate resources from CRS to their programming. Doing this helped them train others on advocacy as part of their immersion trip preparation and to educate students on human trafficking as part of the process. 

5. Lewis University Lewis University Student Ambassador with an I am Migration wrist band

The CRS Student Ambassadors at Lewis University have been advocating for migrants passionately this past year. The three events we have chosen to highlight are: ‘Stories from the Border: A U.S Mexico Pilgrimage Experience,’ a Solidarity Prayer Vigil and ‘El Otro Lado: Central American Perspectives on Immigration.’ These three events allowed them to bring together 250 students and educate them about migration. 

6. Loyola University MD

The CRS Student Ambassadors at Loyola University Maryland have been doing an outstanding job with advocating and educating students about buying fair trade. The video shown is a great and creative example about how they've engaged students on campus. This was taken at one of the ambassadors #fairtrade events and the musicians are singing about buying fair trade. In the future we're hoping for more videos!


And finally....the reveal of the big reward. We have decided to let each of these 6 chapters have access to our CRS University Snapchat account and do a "takeover" for one of their events. Along with having access to the account, we have created Geotag Filters for them to use at the event. Thank you again to all of our CRS Student Ambassadors for all of their partnership with CRS.  Stay tuned next summer for a new slate of featured campuses!