5 Ways the National Advisory Council is here for you!

Have you met the National Advisory Council?

The National Advisory Council is a group of leaders from various universities around the country who participate in the CRS Student Ambassador program and have been asked to advise on CRS University programming, including regional trainings and our every-other-year national SALT Summit.

They can also be used as a resource for you and your campus!  Here are some ways in which they can lend a hand.  At the end of this blog you can find their contact information to get in touch with them!

1. They get the SALT Summit Experience.

Their experience at the first ever SALT Summit 2016, and their hand in helping to plan SALT Summit 2018 could help you to figure out what to expect and how to plan for the conference to get the most out of the experience.  


2. They know what works and what doesn't.

As Ambassadors and Advisors in their CRS Student Ambassador chapters and groups on campus, they can help you learn what resources are available to you and how best to implement them on you campus.

3. They know how to make connections.

They can put you into contact with other chapters or people that can aid in your efforts on campus by either coming to speak, advising on an event, or collaborating with your chapter.


4. They are great collaboration partners.

They are great people to coordinate with on a event or campaign to attempt to reach a greater audience and create more solidarity amongst the chapters.  You can get greater notice on social media and make an even greater impact!

5. They have practical experience to share.

They can share advice on how to run a chapter or group and how to engage faculty and your university's administration when trying to mobilize your school.



Contact information:

Eric Bowd: Ambassador at Kent State University

Krystele Antoine: Ambassador at Loyola University of Maryland

Bryan Redmond: Ambassador at Xavier University of Louisiana

Claudia Reyes: Ambassador at Mount Saint Mary’s University (LA)

Karissa Vigil: Ambassador at the University of the Incarnate Word

Tori Tully: Ambassador at University of Maryland, College Park


Lois Harr: Advisor at Manhattan College

David Briones: Advisor at the University of Georgia

Sylvia Rodriguez: Advisor at Santa Clara University


Sherri Walker: Advisor at Marquette University

Jerry Zurek: Advisor at Cabrini College

Fr. Urey Mark: Advisor at Atlanta University Center