CRS Helping Hands

Get Your Hands Dirty for a Good Cause!

Developed by CRS and our partner, Stop Hunger Now, Helping Hands is a new high energy, hands-on volunteer event founded on Matthew 25:35 and the Catholic call to social justice. Volunteers come together to package meals for people suffering from food shortages in Burkina Faso.

How it Works

Stop Hunger Now will bring the packaging materials to your location, set up and teach you how to assemble meals. They’ll even DJ your event! Designate a person from your group to strike the gong (which Stop Hunger Now also provides) when you reach meal-packaging milestones.

CRS will teach you about the people you are helping, and ship the meals to centers for young girls fleeing forced marriages, orphanages and others in need. CRS also provides job training to build the self-sufficiency of meal recipients.

Most Helping Hands events last two hours, but they can run shorter – or longer – if desired.

Fighting Hunger Globally…

The meals you package will be shipped to Burkina Faso, a country in the Sahel region of West Africa. The Sahel has been battered by recurring droughts and famine, leaving many people in danger of starvation.

…And Locally

Need exists right outside your door, too. Helping Hands encourages you to collect items on the day of your event to donate to local agencies, such as soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

Host a Helping Hands Event on Campus!

CRS and Stop Hunger Now will do the heavy lifting. You only need to provide:

  1. 40 or more excited volunteers
  2. A large room with tables
  3. A minimum meal-packaging goal of 10,000 meals
  4. The event fee, which is used to ship the meals, and fund CRS’ life-changing development programs and job training for meal recipients.

View our organizer’s Helping Hands Organizer’s Toolkit to see everything you need to coordinate an event.  After your event, be sure to send us pictures so we can add them to our photo collection and social media.

Show this video at the beginning of the event (and watch now to learn more!)

And, include this Global Poverty Reflection Walk with your event to give people a deeper opportunity to reflect on the realities of our brothers and sisters around the world while they package meals.

(P.S. Don’t forget to get permission to hold the event on campus.)

Learn More

For questions, or to book an event, call the Helping Hands team at 410-951-7485  or e-mail