Module 5: ACT Individually and Collectively on Behalf of Refugees, Internally Displaced People, and Migrants

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 to Thursday, May 31, 2018

ACTION is addressed in the final 3 chapters - Chapter 6 “Collective Action:  The Role of NGOs in International Development,” Chapter 7 “America: Steps towards Immigration Reform,” Chapter 8 “Individual Action: Where Do We Go from Here,” and Epilogue "Thinking and Acting Ethically in Difficult Times."  In this case, ACTION means moving beyond advocacy about the humanity of migration to undertaking both collective and individual resistance and engagement.  It is about individual people seeking to live a better life being inspired and engaged to respond to others who similarly seek to live a better life.  Together, the collective response – global civil society, faith-based NGOs including Catholic Relief Services, and individuals – can shape the course of immigration reform in the United States and the course of human treatment of the world’s refugees.  

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Module Materials

Understand the role that the collective response of global civil society, faith-based NGOs including Catholic Relief Services, and individuals can have on the issue of migration.

Compare the U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops’ proposals for immigration reform with those of other religious and secular organizations. 

Undertake a personal assessment of what needs to be done and what they, as individuals, can do in a manner that builds on their own personal strengths.  


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PDF icon Supplemental Questions and Additional Resources Module 5.pdf

PDF icon Module 5 Internet Links to Chapter References.pdf provides a sequential list of the web-based links referenced in the footnotes from Chapter 6, Chapter 7, and Chapter 8 to Global Migration: What’s Happening, Why, and a Just Response.  These same links are included below under Primary Resources and also cross-referenced with the page number of the e-book.

Access E-Book Global Migration: What's Happening, Why, and a Just Response.  Course instructors considering a book for adoption will be provided a complimentary copy. 

PDF icon Migration Book Handout.pdf  provides a brief overview of FLC's 5 academic modules on Global Migration.  Bring real-life migration stories to your students.


Primary Resources

Messages from the Holy See


Passage 14 – Authentic Development in Populorum Progressio, Encyclical of Pope Paul VI on the Development of Peoples.  Published: March 26, 1967.  (Page 82)


Meeting with Members of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization:  Address of the Holy Father.”  Delivered/Published: September 25, 2015.  (Page 83)

Criminalization of Immigrants


The Mythical Connection between Immigrants and Crime.”  Author:  Jason L. Riley.  Source: The Wall Street Journal.  Published: July 14, 2015.  (Page 93)


The findings of The Criminalization of Immigration in the United States make it “clear: the majority of deportations carried out in the United States each year do not actually target “criminals” in any meaningful sense of the word.”  Authors: Walter Ewig, Daniel E. Martinez, and Ruben Rumbaut.  Source: American Immigration Council.  Published: July 13, 2015.  28 pages.  (Page 93)


U. S. Customs and Border Protection’s Border Patrol Strategic Plan, 2012-2016.  (Page 92)


Homeland Security Advisory Council Final Report: Final Report of the CBP Integrity Advisory Panel.  Source: Department of Homeland Security.  Published: March 15, 2016.  52 pages.  (Page 99)


In 2013, fourteen Senate Republicans crossed the aisle to join all the Democrats to pass an overhaul of U.S. immigration laws.  Author: Min Kim Seung.  Source: Politico.  Published: June 28, 2013.  (Page 96)


Desperation - the one trait that today’s refugees share with the 935 mostly German Jews how sailed on the MS St. Louis in May 1939 hoping to escape Nazi Germany.  Read more about “Voyage of the St Louis.”  Source: U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.  (Page 110)

The Catholic Church’s Response in the US


Unlocking Human Dignity: A Plan to Transform the U.S. Immigrant Detention System “examines the flaws in the current U.S. immigrant detention system and their impact on the human rights and dignity of fellow human being, and offers recommendations for reform of the system.”  Joint Report prepared by The Center for Migration Studies of New York and Migration and Refugee Services/The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Published: 2015.  44 pages.  (Page 98)


Catholic Church’s Position on Immigration Reform.  Source: Migration and Refugee Services/Office of Migration Policy and Public Affairs, The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Published: August, 2013.  (Page 96)


Advocates for Migration in Arizona and Sonora Gather for ‘Posada,” a binational commemoration of Mary and Joseph’s search for a birth place.  Author: Nancy Wiechec.  Source: Catholic News Service.  Published: December 22, 2015.   (Page 95)


San Diego, Tijuana Residents Have Cross-Border Christmas Celebration: Read the article and see a related 2-minute video.  Author: Jean Guerrero.  Source:  KPBS’ Fronteras Project.  Posted: December 15, 2016.  (Page 100)


In the introduction of “Fruit of the Vine and Work of Human Hands: Immigration and the Eucharist,” Daniel Groody C.S.C. seeks to link the Eucharist, immigration and the option of the poor.  Source: Worship, Issue 80, No. 5.  Published: September, 2006.  Pages 386-7.   (Page 95)


“Statement of Cardinal Blasé J. Cupich, Archbishop of Chicago, on the Executive Order on Refugees and Migrants,” Archdiocese of Chicago, January 29, 2017.  English version.  Spanish Version.  (Page 109)

Catholic Relief Services - Responses and Advocacy for Refugees


A User’s Guide to Integral Human Development: Practical Guidance for CRS Staff and Partners is the central component Catholic Relief Services uses to design its programs and projects and work with its partners.  Authors: Geoff Heinrich, David Leege, and Carrie Miller.  Published: 2008.  (Page 82)

About Savings-led Microfinance  (Page 86)

- Lives and Livelihoods: How Savings Groups Transform Lives  (Page 86)

-  Middle East Refugees Seek Education for their Children  (Page 91)


In Meeting the Challenges of the World’s Refugee Crisis, CRS provides recommendations, on pages 8 – 12, for a path forward.  Published: 2016.  16 pages.  (Page 87)


Richard Jones, CRS Deputy Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean, provided testimony “Challenges at the Source: Hearing on Challenges at the Border: Examining and Addressing the Root Causes behind the Rise in Apprehensions at the Southern Border” before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.  Delivered: July 16, 2014.  (Page 87) 


CRS Calls on the Obama Administration to Protect Children Fleeing Central America.”  Author: Jossie Flor Sapunar.  Published: January 6, 2016.  (Page 88)  


CRS Applauds the Expansion of the Central American Refugee Resettlement Program.” Author:  Jossie Flor Sapunar.  Published: July 28, 2016.  (Page 88)


In “A World of Difference: An Interview with the President of CRS” Carolyn Woo said “we cannot make our service conditional on people accepting our God. We render that service out of love, and that love first comes from God.”  Source:  U.S. Catholic, Vol. 78, No. 5.  Published: April 15, 2013.  Pages 28-32.  (Page 86)


The report Iraq Emergency Response Strategy: Addressing A Rapidly Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis FY2017-2018 provides an overview of the needs of Iraqi families living outside of formal camps and explains the strategy behings CRS' assistance.  Published: February 2017.  8 pages.

Responses from Other Refugee Assistance Organizations


A New Path: Toward Humane Immigration Policies.  Source: American Friends Service Committee.  Published: 2013.  34 Pages.  (Page 96)


Solutions that Work: A Policy Manual for Immigration Reform.  Source: American Immigration Lawyers Association, AILA Doc. No. 10031274.  Published: March 12, 2010.  (Page 96)


Amnesty International USA Voices Serious Concerns about Federal Immigration Proposal Priorities.  Source: Amnesty International USA.  Published: April 30, 2010.  (Page 96)


U.S.-Mexico Border Policy Report: Effective Border Policy: Security, Responsibility and Human Rights at the U.S.- Mexico Border.  Authors: Border Network for Human Rights, Border Action Network and U.S.-Mexico Border and Immigration Task Force.  Released in collaboration with the National Immigration Forum.  Published: November 2008.  (Page 100)


The Evangelical Statement of Principles for Immigration Reform.  Source: Evangelical Immigration Table.   (Page 96)


Resolution on Immigration and Call for Action.  Source: National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA.  Published: September 22, 2008.  (Page 96)



Caritas Internationalis is a global confederation of over 160 Catholic organizations which, like CRS, are committed to serving the poor. 


The Sanctuary Movement 

In "inside the New Sanctuary Movement That's Protecting Immigrants from ICE," author Puck Lo asks the question "Can a network of churches fight deportations?"  Source:  The Nation.  Published:  May 6, 2015.  (Page 90)


Forced Migration Review, Issue 48, November 2014 is dedicated to “Faith and Responses to Displacement.”  Thirty-six articles are included in this 84-page issue.  (Page 81)

Individual Action through Catholic Relief Services


CRS programs offer a ladder of engagement—leading from work as a campus Ambassador to internships both at home and abroad and finally to international development fellowships and ultimately careers.


Meet Recent Interns  (Page 102)


About Student Ambassadors  (Page 102)  


Fellow Experiences  (Page 104)

Watch a video about Eric Wise’s experiences in Kenya (1:55 minutes)  (Page 103)

- Current Fellow—Daniel Pasquini-Salazar’s Work in the Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Region.  Posted January 21, 2015.  (Page 104)


Careers at CRS  (Page 104)

Individual Experiences Can Happen in Many Places



Watch Pushing the Dream, a video about “an empowered movement of young undocumented immigrants seeking a pathway to citizenship ... gearing up for the immigration debate in 2013.”  Author:  Brent McDonald.  Source: New York Times.  Published:  December 1, 2012.  Time: 7:55 minutes.  (Page 103)


The article “The Young Activists Who Remade the Democratic Party’s Immigration Politics” describes how DREAMers became leaders in both Bernie Sanders’ and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.  Author:  Julianne Hing.  Source: The Nation.  Published: January 21, 2016.  (Page 103)



Current Fellow—Daniel Pasquini-Salazar’s Work in the Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Region.  Posted January 21, 2015.  (Page 104)



Eric Wise relates his experiences in Kenya in a 1:55 minute video.  (Page 103)



First Year Alumni: Julia Consolidates Her Interests in the Philippines.  Atuhor: Jessica Daniels.  Posted April 24, 2015.  (Page 103)


Living on a Land that Is No Longer Land at All describes CRS’ SUCCESS project (Strengthening Urban Communities’ Capacity to Endure Severe Shocks.)  Author: Jennifer Hardy.  Published: June 17, 2015.  (Page 103)

An Invitation to Serve


An Invitation to Serve Immigrants and Refugees


In Refugee Crisis: The Beauty of Serving (2:03 minute video), Nikos Voutsinos, chairman of Caritas Athens, talks about the rewards of serving others.  Author: CRS Staff.  Posted: April 8, 2016.  


Syrian Refugee Crisis: 7 Things You Can Do to Help.  Author: Kim Pozniak.  Posted: February 10, 2017.  

Refugees & Migrants: The Duty to Welcome

Lou Charest, Manager for University Engagement for Catholic Relief Services, describes the current global refugee crisis and explains why Catholic social teaching, as well as Pope Francis, calls us to welcome migrants and refugees. He offers suggestions for how local communities can provide support, from encouraging legislation to linking with refugee families.  Interview:  August 14, 2017.  21:55 minutes.  


Sioban Albiol on Asylum Seekers - Interview Series

After briefly describing the work of legal counseling at DePaul University’s Asylum and Immigration Law Clinic, Sioban Albiol focuses on asylum seekers.  Specifically, she describes why asylum law is so complicated and how interpretations of the law have changed.  She also makes the case for recognition of gang violence as a form of persecution that deserves asylum and sheds some light on U.S.’s policy of detaining asylum-seekers.  After recommending some reforms, Ms. Alibiol provides advice to those interested in a career in immigration law.  Introduction: Dr. Charles Strain.  Interview: August 2017.  31:47 minutes.

Craig Mousin on Mercy and Discretion in our Immigration Laws - Interview Series

“Where is the mercy and discretion, that Christianity talks about, in our immigration law today?” Craig Mousin, a lawyer and United Church of Christ minister, asks this question and shares how he has explored the meaning of “Welcoming the Stranger” throughout his life.  He reflects on his heritage (“immigration is a good thing”), his legal training, his demonstrated faith in God, establishment of a pro bono law service for refugees, and work with refugees in Greece during the summer of 2016.  Introduction:  Charles Strain.  Interview:  August 2017.  19:22 minutes.

Daniel Pasquini-Salazar on International Development - Interview Series

Daniel Pasquini-Salazar, a former CRS intern, describes the pilot project he worked on with Bedouin herders on the West Bank and his work through Oxfam with an internally displaced population in northern Iraq.  Mr. Pasquini-Salazar describes how he became interested  in international development and provides advice to those interested in exploring career options.  Introduction: Dr. Charles Strain.  Interview: August 2017.  21:48 minutes.

2017-2018 I am Migration Campaign

Follow CRS’s calendar of events featuring the I am Migration Campaign over 2017-2018 academic year.

Secondary Resources

Additional Readings

Chapter 6

Groody, Daniel, “Fruit of the Vine, Work of Human Hands: Immigration and the Eucharist,” Worship 80 no. 5 (September, 2006): 386-402. 

Hondagneu-Sotelo, Pierrette. God’s Heart Has No Borders.  Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2008.

_____ed. Religion and Social Justice for Immigrants. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2007.

Korgen, Jeffrey Odell. Solidarity Will Transform the World: Stories of Hope from Catholic Relief Services. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2007.

Chapter 8

Oliner, Samuel and Pearl Oliner.  The Altruistic Personality.  New York: The Free Press, 1988.

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