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Where Coffee is Produced with Forced Labor

The website page published by Verité provides a perspective on the problems of forced and child labor in the production of coffee and includes flowcharts of the coffee marketing and coffee value chains as well as a link to its 124-page report, Research on Indicators of Forced Labor in the Supply Chain of Coffee in Guatemala.

From Crop to Cup: The Supply Chain

By CRS Fair Trade.  This 2-pager lays out the supply chain for coffee, first looking at the conventional chain and then the Fair Trade chain. 

Who We Are and What We Believe In

A video by Equal Exchange.   This 3-minute video shares the human faces of farmers who are the fuel of Fair Trade supply chains.

Perspectives on Fair Trade: Pedro Ascencio, El Salvador

A small-scale farmer from El Salvador explains the difference between fair trade and conventional markets and the importance of being able to negotiate prices - a two minute video by CRS Fair Trade.

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