Preparation Guidance and Materials for Advisors, Leaders and Participants

We look forward to having you and your campus join us for our Fall 2021 CRS University Chapter Launch and Training. Please ensure you and each individual participant from your campus have completed the registration form.

See below for additional preparation details so you can get the most out of this launch and training experience. If you have any questions, please contact us at

All Participants


Materials needed

Advisors and Leaders

Set-Up and Preparation Guidance

Below is guidance to help you prepare for both the online and offline segments of the training.

  • Agenda:
    • Online training: 2 hours
    • Break: 30 minutes
    • Offline letter-writing workshop: 45 minutes
    • Offline planning workshop: 45 minutes
  • Technology
    • In-person: If your campus is able to gather in-person for the training, be sure that you have a webcam and microphone set up for the online portion of the training so that students can present and share during plenary segments. Please note that it is ideal for participants to have access to their own laptop or tablet during the offline portion of the training so that they can conduct research.
    • Virtual: If your campus is not able to gather in-person for the training, participants may join the training individually on Zoom.
  • Facilitation
    • Identify facilitators for the two offline workshops (see below for details).
    • Consider whether you would like to plan any wrap-around activities (see below for details).
  • Hospitality
    • If you are able to gather in-person and COVID protocols allow for it, consider providing snacks before the session or during the 30-minute break.

Facilitation Materials for Offline Segment (second half of training)

Wrap-Around Activity Ideas

Lead The Way

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