September 2020 University Action Guide

Welcome to a new academic year! It's CRS University Chapter Fall Launch & Training season, and we are looking forward to seeing many of you around the country this September in our virtual space. If you haven't registered yet, make sure to register today!

This guide will help jumpstart your year and can be used flexibly to structure a Chapter meeting or just start organizing your plans for the fall and year ahead. We can't wait to see what you will do as leaders and advocates for the global common good in these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world so drastically. Don't forget to keep an eye out on Instagram at @CRSUniversity, and tag us in what you're doing, too!




Opening Prayer

Community Building

  • Share the Lead the Way Campaign video. (En Español)

  • Welcome any new CRS chapter members and invite them to share about what inspired them to be here and what they are most excited for.

  • Invite returning CRS chapter members to share about what continues to draw them back to this space. What kind of world do they hope to see? How do they hope to lead the way for their campus community this academic year to help bring that world about?

Reflection – Refugees & Migrants

  • Watch: Lead the Way on Migration (En Español)

  • On September 27th, we celebrate World Day of Migrants and Refugees. We hold the millions of families around the world who are on the move and have been forced to flee their homes and escape perilous situations and reflect on the following questions:

    • Which image or story from the video caught your attention most? What about it caught your attention? How does this story draw you into learning more about migration and forced displacement?

    • How might we learn from their story and reflect on the blessings of welcoming refugees and migrants to our country? What might be the consequence of turning people away?

    • How might God be inviting you to act boldly to stand with and advocate on policies that support refugees and migrants?

CRS Programming and Stories

This Month's Actions

  • Advocacy:

  1. September Action Sheet (En Español)

    • This action sheet is one tool for you to develop your advocacy skills. We invite you to do the action sheet action each month. As you continue to develop your skills, this tool then allows you to expand your reach and invite others to complete the action too!

    • September’s action sheet action: Coach 1-2 friends or family members in writing a personal email to their U.S. Senators urging them to cosponsor the Global Child Thrive Act, S. 2715, or, if they are already a cosponsor, thanking them for cosponsoring and asking them to take a next step in their support of the legislation by speaking with the leadership of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and urging them to hold a business meeting and take up the bill.

    • Additional writing support: Write a Letter to Your Member of Congress (En Español)

  2. Mobilizing Your Campus Community: Plan and activate a virtual letter/email writing event for your campus community

    • You can promote texting “CRSU Migration” to 306-44 for an easy way for your campus community to advocate to Congress on the Global Child Thrive Act right from your phone!

    • Go to the Lead the Way on Migration campaign page to find the Lead the Way on Migration Action Alert.

Planning Next Month's Leadership, Advocacy and/or Giving Action(s):




  • Sign-up for to receive communications from your campus’ members of Congress and follow on social media. Keep an eye out for upcoming virtual town halls or forums that you can attend come October.

Reminders and Next Steps:

  • Check back next month for a new Monthly Action Guide!

    Make sure that everyone in your CRS University Chapter is on our CRS email list by having everyone sign up here:

  • Make sure that everyone in your CRS University Chapter is receiving our text message updates by having everyone text “University” to 306-44.

Closing Prayer

Lead The Way

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