October 2020 University Action Guide

We are grateful and inspired to have seen so many of you actively participating in our Fall Launch and Training Opportunities. Your passion and excitement for leading the way toward a more just world is tangible and so inspiring during these times of the COVID-19 pandemic. This month, we focus on leading the way on hunger with our fall community giving events and advocacy actions.

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October 2020: Lead The Way On Hunger

Opening Prayer

Give Us a Hunger for Justice, Lord (en español)

Community Building

  • Welcome any new CRS chapter members and ask what has inspired them to join the CRS chapter.
  • Icebreaker for all: During the COVID-19 pandemic, what continues to inspire you to actively engage in advocacy and generating community giving for those overseas?

Reflection – Hunger And Malnutrition

  • Watch: Lead the Way on Hunger (en español)
  • On October 16th, we commemorate World Food Day as a community choosing to make a commitment to eradicate hunger worldwide. While holding the millions of individuals who experience hunger and are at risk of malnutrition in prayer, we join the millions of Catholics in the United States who are creating a climate for change that addresses the root causes of hunger.
    • Which image or story from the video caught your attention most? What about it caught your attention? How does this story draw you into learning more about the solutions to hunger and malnutrition?
    • We recognize that those experiencing poverty are disproportionately affected by COVID-19. As we consider the preferential option for the poor, how might you feel called this month, and during these unprecedented times, to act in support of the most vulnerable?
    • In which ways might you have experienced feeling spiritually fed by acting in support of another individual to uphold their dignity?

CRS Programming and Stories

This Month's Actions


If you attended Part I of the 2020 CRS University Fall Launch and Training, you should hear from CRS staff to schedule the Part II: Action Planning. These hour-long Action Planning Sessions will run through early October.

National Chapter Call

All chapter leaders, chapter members and chapter advisors are invited to participate live in this month's National Chapter Call on Saturday, October 10 at 1:00 p.m. EDT. Those who participated in our Fall 2020 Launch/Training will receive the Zoom information to log on via email on October 2nd. If you do not receive the Zoom information and would like to join, please email danielle.roberts@crs.org. If you or your chapter is unable to watch live, the recording of the call will be sent via email soon after the call commences. After watching the call (live or the recording), don’t forget to complete this month’s skill-building action sheet action (linked below) with your chapter.


Engage your campus in a community giving event:

  • Explore the Arc of Hope, Table of Thanks, and Create Your Own Fundraiser options on our bilingual community giving home page and consider planning a community giving event around the time of one of the following dates, which could be a great time for a local-global connection:
    • World Food Day (October 16th)
    • Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (November 15-22)
    • Thanksgiving (November 26th)
  • Each community giving concept has resources for alignment with either our Lead the Way on Hunger or Lead the Way on Migration campaigns. For example, look at this Lead the Way on Hunger Table of Thanks resource (en español). Play around on that homepage for more options!
  • Register and set up your campus’ online giving page and get the word out to your campus community about how they might engage with your community giving event. For instructions, see the bottom of this page.


October Skill-building Action Sheet (en español)

  • The skill-building action sheet is one tool for you to develop your advocacy skills. We invite you to do the action sheet action each month. As you continue to develop your skills, this tool then allows you to expand your reach and invite others to complete the action too!
  • October’s Skill-building Action Sheet action: Our Skill-building Action Sheet action this month is to write a personal email to both of our senators urging them to sign onto a letter being initiated by Sens. Blunt and Coons, lead sponsors of S. 2715, to the decision makers on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) urging that they retain the Castro-Fitzpatrick Global Child Thrive Act amendment in the final Fiscal Year 2021 NDAA bill, coming out of the House/Senate Conference Commitee.

Attend a virtual congressional town hall or other forum:

  • As we enter the heart of election campaigning, your members of Congress are eager to hear from you about your priorities as their constituents! Explore the Virtual Congressional Town Hall Guidance (en español) for more information about how to effectively share your passion for eradicating poverty and supporting children facing hunger and the negative impacts of forced displacement by advancing the Global Child Thrive Act in a virtual town hall.
  • Be sure to sign-up to receive communications from the elected officials who represent your campus and follow them on social media. Keep an eye out for upcoming virtual town halls or forums that you can attend throughout this month.

Planning for Next Month's Leadership, Advocacy and/or Giving Action(s):


  • Stay tuned for the release of the CRS University Chapter DIY Training that is a helpful resource if you were unable to attend this year’s CRS University Fall Launch and Training or if you’re looking to train others on your campus at any point!
  • Continue mapping out the year with the 2020-2021 University Chapter Planning Calendar.


  • Depending on when your chapter may plan a community giving event, continue preparations for an event with the resources listed above in the “Giving” section.
  • Stay tuned for the launch of Rice Bowl 2021 (en español).


Reminders and Next Steps

  • Check back next month for a new Monthly Action Guide!
  • Make sure that everyone in your CRS University Chapter is on our CRS email list by having everyone sign up here.
  • Make sure that everyone in your CRS University Chapter is receiving our text message updates by having everyone text “University” to 306-44.

Closing Prayer

Lead The Way

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