November 2020 University Action Guide

This month, All Saints Day invites us to celebrate the many women and men who have gone before us modeling missionary discipleship by sowing justice and mercy. We also commemorate World Day of the Poor (Nov. 15) as we work for justice for those who go hungry and those forced to migrate. Finally, we offer thanks for our blessings during the season of Thanksgiving, and we give voice to our values through our actions in support of our sisters and brothers around the world.

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November 2020: Lead The Way On Hunger And Lead The Way On Migration

Opening Prayer

Holy Women of God, Pray for Us

Community Building

  • Welcome any new CRS chapter members and ask what has inspired them to join the CRS chapter.
  • Icebreaker for all: For what are you grateful for during this week, this season and this year?


  • Reflect: Pope Francis’ message for World Day of the Poor (en español)
  • Reflect on the following quote: “Encountering the poor and those in need constantly challenges us and forces us to think. How can we help to eliminate or at least alleviate their marginalization and suffering? How can we help them in their spiritual need? The Christian community is called to be involved in this kind of sharing and to recognize that it cannot be delegated to others. In order to help the poor, we ourselves need to live the experience of evangelical poverty. We cannot feel “alright” when any member of the human family is left behind and in the shadows.”
    -Pope Francis
    • Has an encounter with someone in need challenged you to think more deeply about eliminating or alleviating their marginalization or suffering? If so, how do you hope to continue carrying forth the significance of that encounter in your life?
    • What does it mean to you that the Christian community’s call to be involved in the sharing of eliminating suffering cannot be delegated? How do you understand your role within the Christian community’s call?
    • Many around the world are left behind in the shadows. This month, how might you act in support of families experiencing chronic hunger or families forced to leave their homes to lead the way to eliminate their suffering?




  • DIY Training: Did your campus miss the Fall Training opportunities this year? Did a small group attend but you're looking to share what you learned with others on campus? This easy-to-use and "choose your own adventure" resource allows you to flexibly train yourselves or others on campus any time of year. You can select from among several options in core sections and follow the step-by-step guide to jump-start or maintain your CRS University Chapter or group. Email with any questions.

National Chapter Call

All chapter leaders, members and advisors are invited to participate live in this month’s National Chapter Call on November 14th at 1pm EST. Those who participated in our Fall 2020 Launch/Training will receive the Zoom information to log on via email on November 7th.

  • If you do not receive the Zoom information and would like to join, please email
  • If you or your chapter is unable to watch live, the recording of the call will be sent via email soon after the call commences.
  • After watching the call (live or the recording), don’t forget to complete this month’s skill-building action sheet action with your chapter.


  • Register and set up your campus’ online giving page and get the word out to your campus community about how they might support sustainable and innovative approaches to address global poverty. For instructions, see the bottom of each community giving concept’s page (i.e., Table of Thanks).


  • November Skill-building Action Sheet (en español)
    • The skill-building action sheet is one tool for you to develop your advocacy skills and keep in consistent communication with your members of Congress. We invite you to do the action sheet action each month. As you continue to develop your skills, this tool then allows you to expand your reach and invite others to complete the action too!
    • November’s Skill-building Action Sheet action: Our Skill-building Action Sheet action this month is to write a personal email to our U.S. Representative urging them to write/speak with the decision makers of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) urging that they retain the Castro-Fitzpatrick Global Child Thrive Act amendment in the final Fiscal Year 2021 NDAA bill, coming out of the House/Senate Conference Committee.




  • Depending on when your chapter may plan a community giving event, continue preparations for an event with the resources listed above in the “Giving” section.
  • Stay tuned for the launch of Rice Bowl 2021 (en español).


Reminders and Next Steps

  • Check back next month for a new Monthly Action Guide!
  • Make sure that everyone in your CRS University Chapter is on our CRS email list by having everyone sign up here.
  • Ensure your CRS University Chapter is receiving our text message updates by texting “University” to 306-44. 

Closing Prayer

Lead The Way

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