November 2019 Action Guide

November 2019:  I am Global Hunger, I am Migration - Giving 

This month begins with All Saints Day - November 1st. We learn love, compassion, service, and generosity from those who have gone before us, and we are called to share that hope and warmth with those with nowhere to lay their heads, no shelter from the storm, no food for their journey. As we give thanks for our blessings this month, we are also invited to give from those blessings to support families forced from their homes and to give voice to our values through our advocacy efforts.

Opening Prayer

Seeking God's Blessing on Our Work


Community Building

  • Welcome any new ambassadors & do introductions
  • Suggested Icebreaker Question of the Month: Who is a favorite Saint of yours and why and/or who is someone who has inspired you? 


Catholic Social Teaching: Rights and Responsibilities

  • Watch: CST 101: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
  • Reflect
    • Where do you see those who are poor and vulnerable in your lives or locally?  Where do you see the poor and vulnerable internationally?  
    • In what ways are people poor and vulnerable? 
    • In what ways is God calling you to help those who are poor and vulnerable?  


CRS on the Ground: 


This Month's Leadership, Advocacy and/or Giving Action(s): 

  • GIVING: Host a community giving event or opportunity!
    • Create your own fundraising page for your CRS Student Ambassador chapter.
    • Use the page as an easy way to collect money at a bake sale, sporting event, or other large campus event.
    • Consider sharing the link to your fundraising page on email and social media with faculty, alumni, and the larger community. 
    • You may want to plan around a key date, such as:
      • Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week: Nov 16-24
      • World Day of the Poor: Nov 17 (Read Pope Francis's message here!)
      • Giving Tuesday: Dec 3
    • Questions or need more information?
  • LEADERSHIP: Utilize CRS Student Ambassador DIY Training
    • Did your campus miss the Fall Training opportunities this year? Did a small group attend but you're looking to share what you learned with others on campus? 
    • This easy-to-use and "choose your own adventure" resource allows you to flexibly train yourselves or others on campus anytime of year. You can select from among several options in core sections and follow the step-by-step guide to jump-start or maintain your CRS Student Ambassador chapter or group. Email with any questions.
  • ADVOCACY: Utilize new "I am Migration" Solidarity and Action Vigil How-To Guide to plan an event that engages your campus community in signing letters to Congress about the Global Fragility Act.


Planning for Next Month's Leadership, Advocacy and/or Giving Action(s):


Reminders and Next Steps:


Closing Prayer

Lord When I Thank You


Lead The Way

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