January 2021 University Action Guide

The Global Child Thrive Act became law as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act on January 1st. What an exciting start to the new year and new semester! Congratulations on your contributions, which combined with the contributions of many chapters across the country, are ensuring that millions of children around the world will see more opportunities to thrive! Stay tuned for continued sharing on the implementation of this law and information about our next legislative ask as we welcome the 117th Congress. May this new semester bring continued learning, community and growth.

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January 2021: Lead The Way On Migration

Opening Prayer

The Children of the Tides (en español)

Community Building

  • Welcome any new CRS chapter members and ask what has inspired them to join the CRS chapter.

  • Icebreaker for all: How was your Winter break? What are you looking forward to with your chapter throughout the Spring semester?

Reflection–Children as our Future

When Congressman Fitzpatrick addressed our national chapter community in December 2020, he shared that “young children represent roughly 20% of our population yet 100% of our future.”

  • What comes to mind when you think about the type of future you hope to be part of?

  • How do we work together to create a future in which all children can thrive?

CRS Programming and Stories

This Month's Actions


National Chapter Call

All chapter leaders, members and advisors are invited to participate live in this month’s National Chapter Call on January 9th at 1pm EST. Those who participated in our Fall 2020 Launch/Training will receive the Zoom information to log on via email on January 4th.

  • If you do not receive the Zoom information and would like to join, please email university@crs.org.

  • If you or your chapter is unable to watch live, the recording of the call will be sent via email to chapter leaders and advisors via email soon after the call concludes.

  • After watching the call (live or the recording), don’t forget to complete this month’s skill-building action sheet action with your chapter.


  • January Skill-building Action Sheet (en español)
    • The skill-building action sheet is one tool for you to develop your advocacy skills and keep in consistent communication with your members of Congress. We invite you to do the action sheet action each month. As you continue to develop your skills, this tool then allows you to expand your reach and invite others to complete the action too!
    • January’s Skill-building Action Sheet action: Write emails to your U.S. Senators and Representatives sharing your excitement about the Global Child Thrive Act becoming law and thanking Congress for passing the Global Child Thrive Act as an amendment to the FY21 NDAA. Conclude your letters by expressing your desire to continue to work with your member of Congress to partner in addressing global poverty and prioritizing the well-being of all individuals in our world.






    • Relationship-building with Congressional staff and legislators is the foundation of advocacy. Organize a group of advocates from your university chapter to represent your university in a new Congress meeting in the Spring semester. Remember, even if students are not constituents of the office, they can still represent the local university!

    • Are there other chapters in your state? Consider beginning to coordinate with chapters to plan Senate virtual visits in March. Your CRS Representative can support any questions you may have about coordination.

    • To begin preparing, check out the following:


    • Check back next month for a new Monthly Action Guide!

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    • Ensure your CRS University Chapter is receiving our text message updates by texting “University” to 306-44.

    Closing Prayer

    Prayer for Migrants and Refugees (en español)

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