February 2021 University Action Guide

Our annual journey from Ashes to Easter begins this month. This year, are you looking to take on something new for Lent? Consider organizing a virtual visit with your member of Congress. Or, you may want to lead a Simple Supper for Global Hunger to engage your campus in CRS Rice Bowl to lead the way to a world without hunger. See below for details and resources!

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February 2021: Lead The Way On Hunger

Opening Prayer

Prayer to Begin the Lenten Season (en español)

Community Building

  • Welcome any new CRS chapter members and ask what has inspired them to join the CRS chapter.

  • Icebreaker for all: How are you entering this Lenten season? Do you have hopes of fasting from something or adding something new into your Lenten journey?

Reflection – “There is always light”

Watch the performance of “The Hill We Climb” (transcript) by Amanda Gorman, the youngest person to deliver a poem at a presidential inauguration.

Reflect on the following questions:

  • Where is it challenging to see light right now?

  • Where are you finding light?

  • How might you be light to others this month?

CRS Programming and Stories

This Month's Actions


  • Utilize the DIY Training: Did new chapter members join this semester? This easy-to-use and "choose your own adventure" training resource allows you to flexibly train yourselves or others on campus any time of year. Email university@crs.org with any questions.

National Chapter Call

All chapter leaders, members and advisors are invited to participate live in this month’s National Chapter Call on February 13th at 1pm EST. .

  • If you do not receive the Zoom information on February 5th and would like to join, please email university@crs.org.

  • If you or your chapter is unable to join live, the recording of the call will be sent via email to chapter leaders and advisors via email soon after the call concludes.

  • After watching the call (live or the recording), don’t forget to complete this month’s skill-building action sheet action with your chapter.


  • February Skill-building Action Sheet (en español)

    • The skill-building action sheet is one tool for you to develop your advocacy skills and keep in consistent communication with your members of Congress each month to develop a relationship with the office. As you continue to develop your skills, this tool then allows you to expand your reach and invite others to complete the action too!

    • February’s Skill-building Action Sheet action: Write emails to your U.S. Senators asking Congress to provide at least $20 billion for the international response to COVID-19 in the next supplemental package.

  • Plan a new Congress virtual visit with a group of advocates to represent your university.

    • This year, as part of our Lead the Way on Hunger and Migration campaigns, our new Congress visits will be focused on informing members of Congress about the Global Child Thrive Law and asking them to support an international response in the COVID-19 Supplemental Funding.

      • Are there other chapters in your state? Consider coordinating a state-wide virtual visit with the senator that represents your university. Your CRS Representative can support any questions you may have about coordination.

    • Use the following resources to prepare for your virtual meetings:


  • Organize your campus community to support CRS Rice Bowl 2021 with the resources below:

  • Join Catholic Relief Services this Lent to pray as one human family and reflect on our call to care for our neighbors on Tuesday, Feb. 23, at 7:30 p.m. EST. During this exclusive CRS virtual event, we will hear from CRS program participants Arely Morales and Bayron Cazún as well as CRS El Salvador Chief of Party Paul Hicks. This is an opportunity to ask questions, pray and reflect with other CRS supporters across the country. We hope to see you online and thank you for bringing Lent to life in your community! Register here.




  • Continue preparing for new Congress virtual visits with the resources featured above.



  • Check back next month for a new Monthly Action Guide!

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  • Ensure your CRS University Chapter is receiving our text message updates by texting “University” to 306-44.

Closing Prayer

Prayer for the Hungry

  • Try bringing this bilingual mealtime prayer into your normal routine throughout Lent!

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