Fall 2016 FLC Modules | Peacebuilding

“Justice and Peacebuilding are at the heart of what CRS does”.

CRS University, the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame and the Catholic Peacebuilding Network have forged a dynamic partnership this fall to develop a comprehensive selection of academically rigorous course modules for the CRS Faculty Learning Commons program.

At the heart of the social mission of the Catholic Church is a call to work for justice and peace. Cultivating just and peaceful societies is part of our CRS mission t and an essential component of integral human development. Through our FLC sessions, CRS will provide compelling case studies of its cutting edge work in the peacebuilding sector from South Sudan, Colombia and the Philippines.

In 2015 in Quito, Ecuador CRS held a major global summit to begin a process to strategically enhance and scale efforts to integrate peacebuilding across ALL areas of our work.  Watch highlights from this summit here.

We will draw on the rich academic expertise through our partnership with Kroc Institute for Peace Studies and the Catholic Peacebuilding Network, who are globally recognized thought leaders in peacebuilding to: 

Examine how the Catholic community, one of the world’s largest and most influential religious actors, place its rich intellectual and spiritual tradition, enormous institutional capacity and people power at the service of peace.

Through four distinct online modules we will introduce students to:

  1. An overview of Catholic peacebuilding Sign up to access course materials

  2. The Church’s role in peace processes Sign up to access course materials

  3. Transitional justice and reconciliation Sign up to access course materials

  4. Interreligious peacebuilding Sign up to access course materials

In doing so, we will emphasizes (1) the “living” nature of the tradition – the link between theory and practice, principles and policy; and (2) the importance of grounding peacebuilding in an understanding of Christian vocation.

Specific course content, including videos, articles, case studies and book excerpts will be made available here in mid-April, but you can register now using the above links.  The sessions will be designed with an inter-disciplinary lens intended for adaption across a variety of areas of academic study.





Please contact Lou Charest (louis.charest@crs.org) with any questions.