December 2019/January 2020 Action Guide

January 2020:  Early Childhood Development

It's hard to believe another decade, another year, another semester is in the books, and a new one is already here! In this season of new beginnings, celebration and relaxation, may you experience peace for what has been, hope for what is to come, and joy in the present moment. 

Opening Prayer

Community Building

  • Welcome any new ambassadors & do introductions
  • Suggested Icebreaker/Question of the Month:
    • What's a memory you will treasure from this past year? What's a hope you have for this new year?                                                         

Catholic Social Teaching: Call to Family, Community and Participation 

  • Watch:
  • Reflect
    • In our families and faith communities, how can we cultivate a sense of responsibility for building a society in which the dignity of each person is recognized and protected?
    • How does your own participation in one or more communities enable you to contribute toward creating a global community in God's vision of justice?

CRS on the Ground: Early Childhood Development

This Month's Leadership, Advocacy and/or Giving Action(s): 

    • Handwrite a letter to your university's U.S. Representative in the House to either cosponsor and pass the Global Child Thrive Act or to thank them for cosponsoring and encourage them to pass the Global Child Thrive Act using the following information and resources:
      • Starting now and continuing this spring, we will be working on exciting, new, bipartisan legislation called the Global Child Thrive Act as part of our I am Global Hunger and I am Migration campaigns. The Global Child Thrive Act would direct the administration to integrate Early Child Development strategies and activities into U.S. international programs focused on children to help them better grow, develop and thrive!
      • This bill was introduced October 28, 2019 in the House as H.R. 4864 by Reps. Castro (D-TX) and Fitzpatrick (R-PA) and in the Senate as S. 2715 by Sens. Blunt (R-MO) and Coons (D-DE).
    • Remember: you can always text "I am Migration" or "I am Global Hunger" to 306-44 for an easy way to advocate to Congress right from your phone on the Global Child Thrive Act!

Planning for Next Month's Leadership, Advocacy and/or Giving Action(s):

    •  Plan for a Voice Your Values in-district advocacy visit with your members of Congress in the spring semester.
      • In-person meetings with your members of Congress are some of the most impactful advocacy actions.
      • This year, our Voice Your Values advocacy visits will be focused on the Global Child Thrive Act.
      • Join universities across the country scheduling in-district visits when you return to campus next semester.
      • Use this comprehensive how-to guide to plan your visit.
    • CRS Rice Bowl 2020 is a great way to be intentional during the Lenten season. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, which falls on February 26, 2020.
    • Pray, fast, and give this Lent with our CRS Rice Bowl and I am Global Hunger resources, including a "Simple Supper for Global Hunger" how-to guide, which combines CRS Rice Bowl Simple Meals with videos from our global community and opportunities to learn about and reflect upon their realities.

Reminders and Next Steps:

    Closing Prayer

    That I May Find You There

    Lead The Way

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