CRS University Chapter Fall Launch & Training

CRS University Chapter Fall Launch & Training Opportunities


*NOTE: We are closely monitoring the implications of COVID-19 on our annual Fall Launch & Training Opportunities. Stay tuned for updates throughout Summer 2020.

Each Fall, CRS offers launch & training opportunities for students and accompanying staff to equip them to start, deepen and grow their CRS University Chapter on campus.  A core group of students plus a Staff Advisor from each university are invited to attend. We welcome universities who have been partnering with us for many years as well as universities who are interested in launching a new CRS University Chapter. These annual trainings are an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the CRS mission and our work around the world.
  • Build leadership skills to more effectively bring to life your passion for the global common good on your campus.
  • Receive updates on our campaign issues, action opportunities, and resources for the new year.
  • Meet and network with other student leaders and campus staff from your region and participate in a growing movement of 1000+ leaders across 110+ campuses nationally.

Things to know:

  • Cost: There is no training fee. Participants should arrange their own transportation. Support with finding and financing overnight lodging is available in some cases.
  • Timing and location: Most trainings will be hosted on a local university campus from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. on a Saturday or Sunday. In these cases, coffee, snacks, and lunch will be included.
  • Wondering if this is for you? In short, ALL ARE WELCOME!
    • New campus partners: If your campus has never had a CRS University Chapter, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more. We recommend 3-5 students + a staff person attend to get the ball rolling.
    • Current campus partners: If you're already connected to the CRS network, great! We invite you to send new student leaders to grow in their understanding of CRS and veteran CRS University Chapter Leaders to help co-facilitate training sessions. You can note your role on the registration form. We still encourage a Staff Advisor to attend for continuity and to receive updates and new information.
    • There is no minimum or maximum number of participants per campus. Generally, we find that a small group of leaders, including both students and staff, is most effective, but we also want you to approach this in a way that works best for your campus reality.
    • Questions? Email
    • Stay tuned for Fall 2020 Regional Launch & Training dates & locations near you!