CRS Rice Bowl

Lent is a busy time on campus. That's why we put together this how-to guide for a CRS Rice Bowl "Simple Supper for Global Hunger" event. It's a one-time event that brings your campus community together to pray, fast and give alms—the three spiritual pillars of Lent. Download it here—and learn more below. (And don't forget that you can always order additional CRS Rice Bowl materials at

download how to guide





  • Community Reflections — Bring your campus community together to reflect on faith, or pray through the modules on your own.
  • CRS Rice Bowl App — Set a daily reminder and get Lenten reflections right on your phone.
  • Stations of the Cross Digital Retreats — Christ continues to walk that long road to Calvary in the lives of so many individuals around the world. Reflect on this reality with these brief videos.




  • Simple Recipes — Check out our collection of simple, meatless meals from around the world. Prepare them as a community, or encourage your cafeteria to offer them during Lent.
  • CRS Rice Bowl App — Track your Lenten sacrifices and fill your virtual CRS Rice Bowl.




Don't forget to coordinate with your campus community in case your school is giving one large gift to CRS Rice Bowl.


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