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Information Technology and Development: “Know Before you Go”

On February 17th, CRS information technology experts Steve Hellen and Marianna Hensley led a webcast with students as part of the CRS University Faculty Learning Commons. The following are some excerpts from the conversation; you can view the webcast in full at:

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CRS University/Rice Bowl Pic

Besides tweeting about it (using #4Lent4Life, of course), Catholic Relief Services offers a number of ways you can live your faith, deepen your prayer, and more intentionally connect to the Catholic mission of solidarity with people around the world during the season of Lent.  And, you can engage others on your campus to do the same!

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VIDEO: Happy Valentine's Day!

Celebrate Valentine's Day by enjoying this video of CRS Student Ambassadors and other Young Leaders sharing what they LOVE about CRS University and Social Justice!

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Learn and Pray about Human Trafficking

Pope Francis reminds us that “Whoever uses and exploits the person, even indirectly, makes himself an accomplice of this abuse [trafficking].* How can we understand better the ways that human flesh is sold for profit in our global economy? What actions can we take for justice? 

On the occasion of the February 8 International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking, the CRS University team would like to offer the resources below for learning and reflection. Let our prayer be to overcome our indifference. 

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Fall 2014 in Photo Review

Do you spot your CRS Student Ambassador Chapter? Yourself? If not, make sure to submit photos of your events to in the future!

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6 New Insights about Iraq and Syria from CRS Student Ambassadors

We just love it when our CRS Student Ambassadors educate their campus communities about global justice issues.  Fortunately, it happens ALL the time.  We also love it when CRS Ambassadors themselves learn something new.

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7 Surprising Tidbits from CRS’ December Global Emergencies Update

Each month CRS provides an update about global emergencies—both what is going on and how CRS is responding.  December’s topics included:

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8 New Year’s Resolutions for Global Justice

August Daydreaming

In the middle of winter, it might seem like a nice daydream to think back to what you were doing in mid-August of 2014.

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