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CRS Responds to Syrian Refugee and Migrant Crisis

Once a vibrant hub of Middle Eastern culture and history, Syria been embroiled in a civil war for the past four years, which has killed as many as 200,000 Syrians and left approximately 10 million people displaced, inside and outside Syria.  Catholic Relief Services is working with our Catholic Church partners and others across the region to assist more than 700,000 refugees with shelter assistance, education, food, medical care, hygiene and living supplies, livelihoods support and trauma counseling for children.

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Join Now: I am Climate Change Campaign

Attention to climate change has reached a fevered pitch. All eyes and ears are focused on the United Nations conference in Paris later this year that may produce a commitment to prevent global warming from exceeding 2 degrees Celsius.

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A Year Later. Still Agnostic. Why Lent (Again).

Note: See Mackenzie's blog from Lent 2014: "Why Lent" as the first in this series.

A year after the first time I ever celebrated Lent, I continue to believe that participating in Lent through CRS Rice Bowl is a way to live out my faith, even though I am not Catholic.

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CRS Responds to the Nepal Earthquake

On April 25, 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal between Kathmandu and Pokhra.  News reports show significant damage and the loss of many lives.  The official death toll is above 7,000 and still rising.  CRS staff and partners are already on the ground responding.  We have committed significant resources to relief efforts and are partnering with Caritas to respond quickly to those most affected.  

We invite you to respond with CRS by giving, praying, learning, and acting with your campus community:


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6 Easy Ways Students can Celebrate #EarthDay

1. Use less water (hint: turn the sink off while you brush your teeth... don't let the faucet run while you're washing dishes... wear your jeans a few more times before throwing them in the washing machine...)

2. Recycle (hint: actually use the recycling bins... don't mix trash and recyclables... even better, REUSE things before just getting rid of them...)

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Bring Elementary School #EarthDay Ideas to YOUR Campus

Elementary School seems to be the place to celebrate Earth Day.  At least it was for me!  So, I realized that if I wanted to celebrate Earth Day again, I could just look back to elementary school for some inspiration! 

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Why Lent (2014)

Note: This blog is from Lent 2014 (See Lent 2015's update: "A Year Later.  Still Agnostic.  Why Lent (again)?").

The Advisor for our CRS Student Ambassador chapter asked me if I would be willing to write about why I decided to celebrate Lent this year, and these are my thoughts.

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