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April Meeting Guide: I am Climate Change and I am Migration

There are a variety of reasons individuals are forced to migrate from their homelands.  The cause that often takes the helm in media outlets is political unrest; people flee from their homelands because they are afraid of being killed.  Another reason is the inability to sustain life within many countries as a result of climate change.  Due to changes in climate over recent decades, certain areas around the world no longer receive seasonal rains and face severe drought, leading to crop failure.  Without crops, not only are farmers out of business, but families are without food leading t

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March Meeting Guide: I am Global Hunger & CRS Rice Bowl

March 6th, 2019 is Ash Wednesday, which marks the dawn of the liturgical season of Lent.  Lent is intended to be a season of reflection, preparation for Easter, and encounter.  During Lent, Christians are called to a life of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.  We pray to encounter Christ in our lives and in every member of the human family.  Through fasting, we encounter the obstacles that keep us from serving God and our neighbor.  Finally, in almsgiving, we encounter God's love and are called to share it with our brothers and sisters in need.  CRS Rice Bowl gives us the opportunity to h

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February Meeting Guide: Advocacy

Welcome back for another semester!  It is now time to contribute to the greater good by planning advocacy visits in the local districts of your colleges/universities or in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill.  Many of our CRS Student Ambassadors are excited to continue advocacy work after a successful, first-time experience at the CRS SALT Summit in July 2018, and others are ready to join the movement.  This guide will help you through the planning process and provide connections between advocacy and Catholic Social Teaching. Thanks for voicing your values with CRS!

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November Meeting Guide: YouthBuild

This month we’re excited to share the new CRS Student Ambassador video with you, and to start to prepare for in-district advocacy visits this spring. You’ll also find information about the CRS YouthBuild program that tackles some of the root causes of migration to support young adults’ ability to stay and thrive in their home communities. We continue to be inspired by the great work you are doing on campus.

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Why We Must Show Empathy Toward the Other

“Why We Must Show Empathy Toward ‘the Other’”

By Astrid Serrano

It’s easy for those of us who live in comfort to judge the choices of those who don’t. For instance, this fall, when I’ll be back in the classroom as a student at Saint Martin’s University, there will be a family somewhere in the world who is desperately fleeing their home because of conflict, violence or disaster. For many of these refugees and migrants, leaving home isn’t much of a choice when the only other option is death. 

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October Meeting Guide: Emergency Response

Just over one month into a new academic year, CRS Student Ambassadors have already made an impact on their campuses. Here are two examples - St. John’s University hosted Peace Week activities including an immigration panel, peace vigil and much more! Ohio State University advisor, Austin Schafer, had an Op-Ed published about supporting refugees.

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September Meeting Guide: Advocacy & Student Ambassadors

Welcome to a new academic year! It’s regional training season, and we are looking forward to seeing many of you around the country this fall! If you haven’t registered yet: Make sure to register today! We know many of our CRS Student Ambassadors are energized for action after the CRS SALT Summit in July. This guide will help you jumpstart the year. Included are some great resources to put what you learn into motion. We cannot wait to see what you do as advocates and leaders for the global common good.

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Meet the 2018 CRS Summer Hires

Every year, Catholic Relief Services Headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland takes on summer hires that consist of college students and recent college graduates.  These summer hires work in a wide variety of departments at CRS ranging from Human Resources to Finance to University Engagement and beyond.  Here is your chance to meet a few of the 2018 Summer Hires!

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April Meeting Guide: Changing the Way We Care

Note: As a new effort to support CRS Student Ambassadors, each month we will release a guide for your on-campus meetings.  This will serve to provide relevant updates as well as an opportunity for ongoing education and reflection on the mission of CRS.  You can find other months' Meeting Guides here, which can be used flexibly and adapted as needed.]

April 2018

Key Theme: Changing the Way We Care

Opening Prayer

Lord of all, 

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