Meet the 2017 Summer Interns!

Meet the 2017 Catholic Relief Services Summer Interns as they spend the summer at the CRS Headquarters in Baltimore, MD.  They are in various departments gaining great skills and expereinces that they can use for the rest of their lives!  Here they are, sharing their expereinces!

These are the questions they were asked: 

  1. Where are you from (home town, school, major, what you did before CRS etc.)?
  2. Why did you want to intern for CRS?
  3. What are you doing in your position?
  4. What have you enjoyed so far?
  5. What is your favorite place in Baltimore?


​Meet Elizabeth Barry!

  1. Rockland Co., NY; Masters of Social Work grad from The Catholic University of America; Previously did field work at the US Bishops Conference on their Anti-Trafficking team; Next stop Jesuit Volunteer Corps – Nashville, where I’ll be working with newly arrived refugees!
  2. As a social work grad and Catholic, I strongly believe in the mission of CRS and the work that they do across the globe to support, protect, and empower all people. I was excited to learn about CRS’ internship program and have enjoyed every minute. Everyone who works at CRS has the most interesting life and work experiences – it is very inspiring!
  3. Updating CRS psychosocial tools for global audiences; developing a counter-human trafficking action workshop to be utilized in communities in India; supporting CRS’ upcoming counter-trafficking workshop with the University of Notre Dame; creating an internal compendium of resources on female genital mutilation
  4. Learning from my incredible supervisor, Lucy! Lucy is the Senior Technical Adviser for Protection at CRS and she has worked all over the world in various protection-related positions from places like Namibia and Ethiopia to Baltimore. We both have similar interests which has led to new summer projects and opportunities for collaboration, as well as rich conversations in our supervision meetings.
  5. Tabor Ethiopian Restaurant – my supervisor took me here on my first day! We both love Ethiopian cuisine (Lucy lived in Ethiopia for three years and I worked with Ethiopian women at The Northwest Center, a pregnancy center and maternity home in Washington DC).


Meet Sanket Kamath!

Hi everyone, my name is Sanket Kamath and I’m currently an Information Security Intern, GKIM . I am originally from Mumbai, India and moved to USA almost a year ago to pursue my Master’s. I’m majoring in Information Systems with my concentration in Information Security from Pace University, which is in NYC. I finished my undergrad back in India last year and I just completed my first year as a grad student this May.

CRS does so much for people everywhere around the world, so I felt I could do my bit in helping CRS achieve its goals by doing what I am good at – InfoSec! While at the same time also helping CRS in any way I can.

As you already know by now that I am working in Information Security, my work is all about IT. Basically so far I’ve had to do incident response management which is assigning task tickets so that if any machine has viruses or malware,  it can be cleaned up. Also I have had to search for all machines connected to the network in the entire building, approximately somewhere between 400-500 (I know it sounds scary) using their respective IP addresses and put in specific information related to the machines. And lastly, I also have been working on the Information Security Awareness training that everyone has to go through in which I had to work on setting up quiz questions that people have to take upon completion of the training program. Along with that, I have been creating visualized data reports for the ISA training using data visualization tools and databases.

My time at CRS has been a lot of fun because I’ve got to work hands on the projects and learn a lot while at the same time meet a lot of people. Also getting to know all the fellow interns has been the best part though!

As I am staying at a friend’s place in Arbutus, I haven’t had the chance to explore Baltimore a lot, but I did visit Downtown which was really fun! I really hope I can get to explore some other places in the city before I get back to New York!)


Meet Emily Hoefs!

I grew up and went to school in Greeley, Colorado! I took a slightly untraditional pathway in college. I graduated with my Associate of Arts degree from Aims Community College, and then went on to the University of Northern Colorado to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Affairs with a concentration in Latin America and a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language all within three years. During my time in university I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a semester as well as to intern at Right to Read, which is a non-profit English school designed for immigrant and refugee adults in Greeley, CO. Growing up I was quite involved in my faith, and went on several mission trips to Central and South America. It was this foundation that sparked my interest in CRS, where I have the opportunity to work for a great organization that not only shares my faith, but does amazing work assisting and empowering the most vulnerable in the world. This summer I am interning in the IDEA (Institutional Donor Engagement and Advancement) department working on donor research and future donor accreditation opportunities. I have thoroughly enjoyed working in an environment where everyone is super supportive in your growth as a colleague and individual. That kind of morale makes doing what we do that much more fulfilling. So far my favorite place in Baltimore has been Federal Hill Park. It has a stunning view of the city as well as the harbor, and it is even more jaw-dropping at dusk!


Meet Laura Hillard!

  1. Hi everyone! My name is Laura Hillard and I am interning in the Advocacy Department. I am originally from the Baltimore area and currently go to school at George Mason University. At Mason, I am a double major in Economics and Global Affairs with a concentration in International Development. Before interning with CRS, I had an internship with Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, a research assistantship with the Institute of Immigration Research, and a position as a Volunteer Coordinator for Appalachia Service Project, where I managed emergency home repair projects for low income families in Tennessee.  I am excited to be here this summer and grateful to have this opportunity.
  2. I have always been impressed with the work CRS does around the world. I wanted to dedicate my time to helping those in need and I am honored to be able to be a part of the amazing work CRS does.
  3. I am helping my department with their grassroots and grasstops advocacy.
  4. I love the environment here at CRS. Everyone is kind and has a passion for serving others.
  5. The top of Federal Hill park (….or anywhere that I can find a crabcake)


Meet Daniel Ingham!

  1. Ellicott City, Providence college, Political Science, Internship with the Maryland Governor’s Grants Office.
  2. I wanted to make a difference working for an NGO.
  3. I am working on the Staff Safety and Security portal for the Risk Management and Safety team.
  4. I’ve enjoyed getting to know my department.
  5. Nando’s.


Meet MaryKate Mccracken!

General Bio: Gap, PA, sophomore at Catholic University, Theology and Philosophy.  This is my first internship.  Last summer I worked in a waterpark.

Why: It has been my dream since seventh grade to work for CRS.

Doing: I am helping with programs and resources for the Education side of the Education and Youth team.

Enjoyed: I love the people I am working with. My supervisor is having me take on projects that I am interested in and is very encouraging and helpful. I am learning a lot!

Favorite Place in Baltimore: CRS building :)


Meet Jamie Fico!

Hello! My name is Jamie and I'm interning with the Food Security Donor Engagement team at CRS.  I'm originally from Reston, VA just outside of Washington DC.  I just graduated from the University of Virginia with a double BA in Middle Eastern Studies and Global Security and Justice.  Last summer I studied Arabic abroad in Morocco where I spent my time outside of the classroom on 13 hour train rides across the country, playing volleyball on the beach, and enjoying a million different varieties of chicken tangine, the main dish for most of my meals. I wanted to intern for CRS this summer because I love the work that the organization does around the world. CRS is a renowned humanitarian aid agency that provides outstanding guidance on the necessary skills and expertise in this field for someone like myself who wants to work in international humanitarian assistance.  I'm currently working on a variety of projects.  One of my assignments involves collaborating with the different members of the Food Security team and other departments to develop a standardized tracking system for our donor awards.  I enjoy this project because it gives me the opportunity to meet with everyone on the team and learn more about their experiences at CRS.  So far I've enjoyed getting to know my coworkers and becoming friends with the other interns.  Nobody is boring at CRS, and I enjoy hearing crazy stories from my team members about their experiences abroad in the field.  My fellow interns are just as exciting.  So far we've attended local festivals, explored the Inner Harbor, and checked out the local music scene.  My favorite place in Baltimore at the moment is Federal Hill.  It's a great place to bring a picnic dinner and enjoy views of the Inner Harbor.  I'm planning on testing out the sand volleyball courts in the near future!


Meet Chris Lackey!

1. I am Chris Lackey and I am a senior at St. Mary's University of MN.  I am currently pursuing a dual degree in philosophy and theology.  I hail originally from Wisconsin so, yes, I am a Cheese Head and, yes, I do bleed Green and Gold.

2. I heard about CRS from the CRS Student Ambassadors program that they have on college campuses.  I love doing advocacy and awareness on my campus and thought that CRS understood how to use the Gospel message in a way that bridged the gap between serving and the served.  So, I wanted to be more a part of that.

3. I am an intern for the USOPS University Engagement program and I help with data organizing and retrieval, as well as various programming pieces for the Climate Change, Migration, and Human Trafficking campaigns.  I am currently creating Success Stories about campuses that have done great outreach this last year.

4. I have really enjoyed meeting people at the HQ.  I love hearing about the work they have done and are doing at CRS and abroad.  Engaging with people here has been fun and easy and I hope to learn more.

5. I love the Barnes N Nobles by the Inner Harbor!  It has TWO STORIES and I love the smoke stacks that rise up through the store!


Meet Anna Ensz!

  1. I grew up in Manaus, Brazil where my parents were missionaries. I went to college in KY majoring in fine art, and then spent a year in Durham, UK getting a Master's degree in theology. I am currently getting an MSW at the University of Maryland and interned at a community school for my first placement.
  2. I want to intern for CRS to get a better understanding of INGO work in the area of children and family services, development, health, education, etc… I want to understand the USAID grant proposal process from application to implementation and I want to get an understanding for how communication between the headquarters and the field works.
  3. Currently I am working in PIQA in the area of orphans and vulnerable children on various projects that are giving me insights into all of these things.
  4. I have enjoyed listening and taking notes at meetings, meeting the people I will be working with, and learning about work with orphans and vulnerable children.
  5. Food place: Sweet 27 Café, other place: Baltimore Museum of Art.


Meet Kimberly Ogolla!

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

Place of residence: Baltimore, Maryland

School : Loyola University Maryland ‘19

Studying : Communications – Digital Media with a minor in Visual Arts – Photography

I’m honored to be working with CRS because I deeply resonate with the organization’s mission statement which calls us to assist the poor and vulnerable so that they may reach their full potential. I am currently working with the 4Children’s Operation team and so far, I have enjoyed many things but I’d have to say my favorite part was meeting all of the team members during the 4C team workshop.


Meet Halle Golden!

  1. I am originally from Westchester, NY but I just moved to Annapolis, MD. I’m 21 years old and I am a rising senior at Loyola University Maryland. I major in Communications (Advertising & PR) and minor in Spanish. Before CRS I interned with the communications department at Loyola for the graduate school program.
  2. I wanted to intern for CRS because I wanted an opportunity not only to help myself learn within the industry I want to work in, but I also wanted to feel like the work I am doing and the things I am learning are going to help other people.
  3. I am the Latino media intern in the communication department. I help with media outreach and drafting media content in both English and Spanish.
  4. So far I have enjoyed meeting new people and learning as much as I have already.
  5. My favorite place in Baltimore is the aquarium. I love seeing the giant sea turtle (he’s huge) and my goal is to one day finally see the sloth that apparently lives in the rainforest exhibit.


Meet Sherron Mims!

My name is Sherron Mims and I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. I have just graduated from The Seton Keough High School and will be starting my freshman year at college this fall at University of Maryland, College Park. During my time at College Park, I intend to major in psychology while continuing to focus on my passion for graphic design. 

Before I came to CRS, I was volunteering at a youth media program, known as Wide Angle Youth Media, and maintaining a job as a waitress in an Erickson Living Community. When I initially found out about the internship openings at CRS through my youth program, I was ecstatic. During my high school career, I’ve heard a lot about the things that CRS does and thought it would be great to be part of something like that. After a lot of preparation, I finally went in for an interview and am now a social media intern for CRS. As a social media intern, I am part of an amazing team that creates the posts that go out to CRS’ social media pages. Just like many young adults in today’s society, social media has already been a part of my everyday life. Therefore, I greatly enjoy being able to use something that comes so natural to me to help change the lives of others. 

Growing up in Baltimore, it is very hard to choose one place and label it as my favorite. Yet overall, I think my favorite place would have to be the Baltimore Inner Harbor. There are so many places to visit and things to do around the harbor. If you’re ever looking to have some fun here in Baltimore, that’s one place that I strongly recommend visiting. 


Meet Joseph Busch!

Joe Busch grew up in Southern California but has called many places home. He received a BS in mechanical engineering from UCSD and an MS in environmental engineering from Yale University. Joe served in the Peace Corps twice, yet lacked experience in large scale humanitarian aid projects and thought that an internship with CRS would provide a good introduction. He currently works to support CRS' USDA Food for Education and Food for Progress programs. The CRS internship is a great opportunity to get to know Charm City and Joe enjoys spending time in Patterson Park.


Meet Alexis Gardner!

My name is Alexis Gardner and I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. I currently go to school in Virginia at Radford University. Next spring, I will be graduating with a B.A. in Media Studies with a concentration in Journalism and a B.A. in Dance. Before interning with CRS this summer, I was actually a summer intern last year too!

I came back because I really connect with CRS’ mission statement and I am passionate about helping the poor and vulnerable. Not only that but the position I applied for was almost exactly what I wanted to do with my life after I graduate so I felt like this would be an amazing experience for me.

Last summer I had a remarkable time interning with the Farmer-to-Farmer program, but this summer I am interning with University Engagement and I am loving every moment. One of the main things I am doing is running all the social media accounts and that is so much fun for me since it is what I want to do after I graduate.  What I have enjoyed the most so far outside of being able to do social media and learn new skills almost every day, is really just getting to know and hang out with all of the other interns.

I think my favorite place in Baltimore would have to be the Inner Harbor, which is probably a pretty standard answer. Even though I’ve grown up here and I go to college in Virginia, I consider my home to be New York. That’s where my heart is.


Meet Allie Weis!

      Hi! My name is Allie Weis and I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I am a rising Junior at Loyola University Maryland, studying Psychology and Philosophy. I was drawn towards working at CRS following the main essence of the agency -- helping people who need it most. I have always felt a passion to help others and to spread awareness of the often-overlooked issues that affect the most vulnerable.

      At CRS, I am a Talent Development Intern in Human Resources. I help organize and facilitate events such as the New Head of Programming Orientation and the International Development Fellows Program Orientation; I also provide logistical support to the HR department with regards to the Domestic Summer Intern Program. I have very much enjoyed the atmosphere at CRS; everyone is so friendly and extremely devoted to the mission of the agency. The overarching goal is clear, and the work environment is motivating and rewarding.

      My favorite place in Baltimore is Loyola University (just kidding... but I love my school!). I am a big fan of the Walters Art Museum, and I also love to visit the Inner Harbor. Brio is my go-to restaurant when it comes to downtown cuisine.


Meet Youngji Jo!

1. Youngji Jo recently earned her PhD degree from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, majoring in Health Systems Program in the Department of International Health. Her thesis research is about cost-effectiveness and scalability of an mHealth program, which uses mobile phones to improve pregnancy surveillance and care seeking of essential maternal and newborn health service in rural Bangladesh. She holds a M.A. in International Relations/Economics at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a B.E. in Electrical Engineering at Seoul National University in South Korea.

2. Youngji has a particular interest and experience in applying digital health tools in field-based global health programs. Through the ICT for Net Campaigns project, she wants to gain more experience and understanding of real complexities and challenges in implementing the digital health tools and scaling up of ICT innovation. Through the field visit to Nigeria and working with the CRS team, she would like to learn how to communicate with local stakeholders in a way that is respectful to the community in conducting international health research and development practice.

3. Youngji is developing a research plan to answer the question—“Was the investment in the ICT for Net Campaigns worthwhile?”—and implementing data collection and analyses.

4. Youngji really enjoys getting to know people here and the ICT for New Campaign project in Nigeria. She is also enjoying exploring new lunch places (café/restaurant/carry-out etc.) near the office.

5. Youngji’s favorite places in Baltimore are the Inner Harbor (near Fell’s point side) and the Baltimore Basilica (seriously!). 


Meet Etaka Labule!

  1. General bio
    1. Name: Etaka Labule
    2. Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
    3. School: Notre Dame of MD
    4. Major: Business/ Accounting concentration
  2. Why you wanted to intern for CRS
    1. I wanted an internship in accounting.
  3. What you are doing at you position
    1. I work in finance and accounts payable making journal entries, creating business units and other simple accounting things.
  4. What you have enjoyed so far
    1. I love seeing how to effectively work as a team. Because I work at the headquarters I am able to see the accounting information for other countries. Every Friday closing entries need to be made.  This means that every country program has to close its accounts for the period and post them to the appropriate folder. If this isn’t done it hinders another department from getting work done.  
  5. Favorite place in Baltimore!
    1. Towson mall
    2. Miss Shirley’s

If you would like the chance to intern for CRS more information about the internship program can be found here: