March Meeting Guide: I am Climate Change

Note: As a new effort to support CRS Student Ambassadors, each month we will release a guide for your on-campus meetings.  This will serve to provide relevant updates as well as an opportunity for ongoing education and reflection on the mission of CRS.  You can find other months' Meeting Guides here, which can be used flexibly and adapted as needed.]

March 2018

Key Theme: I am Climate Change

Opening Prayer

God of all creation,

At the beginning of time
You placed a single mandate on humankind-
To be stewards of creation
TO replenish and nurture through all generations
What you have made

We kneel today amid that same creation-
A world that is, in many ways, more splendid than ever
But, in too many ways, scarred beyond recognition

Turn us from our unmindfulness
Help our touch be light
Help us renew the world that supports us
So we may once more know creation
As it was in the beginning


Community Building

  • Welcome any new ambassadors & do introductions
  • Suggested Icebreaker Question of the Month: Where is the most beautiful place you've visited?

Catholic Social Teaching: Caring for Creation

  • Watch: CST 101 Video: Caring for Creation
  • Reflect:
    • How is the call to care for God’s creation connected with our concern for the life and dignity of every person—both at home and around the world, now and in future generations?
    • In your own community or globally, what examples have you encountered environmental contamination or climate change affecting vulnerable persons?

CRS on the Ground: Climate Change Affecting Vulnerable People

Act Now: Urge your representatives to take action on climate change!

Planning Time

  • Review highlights and challenges from any recent events or activities. Are there any changes you would make for the future? Do you have any examples of success that you could share with CRS or other campuses?
  • What events/programs are upcoming? Do you have the resources you need?
  • Earth Day is April 22, 2018. Will your campus lift up the impact of climate change on this special day? 

Closing & Next Steps

  • What are the action items that need to be completed before your next event or meeting? Have they been clearly identified and assigned?

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