Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Cabrini College & Villanova University!

Catholic Relief Services is honored to celebrate decade-long partnerships with both Cabrini College and Villanova University on Tuesday, April 14, 2015.

From helping to develop the CRS Student Ambassador program and the CRS Faculty Learning Commons to providing wonderful student interns, these partnerships have been instrumental founders of CRS University's student, faculty, and institutional programming, which now engages over 80 colleges and universities around the country. 

These partnerships will be commemorated with a ceremony at each school on April 14, at which staff from each school and from CRS will share highlights about what has been accomplished through the relationship and will re-commit to ongoing partnership by signing a new memorandum of understanding. 

Photo caption: Villanova University CRS Student Ambassadors and Advisor gather together after hosting the Winter 2014 Season of Solidarity: Families Fleeing Conflict in Iraq and Syria, featuring opportunities to pray, learn, act, and give in solidarity with Iraqi and Syrian Refugees.  (Photo courtesy of Jerry Zurek (Cabrini College) / for CRS)

Learn more about Villanova University's Partnership with Catholic Relief Services here.


Photo caption: Cabrini College CRS Student Ambassadors and members of communications class LLC/ECG 100 "Our Interdependent World" hear from Kim Pozniak of CRS.  These students put together the #RefugeesSeekingSafety simulation that won a grant and has been featured widely on campus. More about this simulation can be found in this blog post.  (Photo courtesy of Jerry Zurek (Cabrini College) / for CRS)

Learn more about Cabrini College's Partnership with Catholic Relief Services here.

Watch a video highlighting the 10 year anniversary celebration and #RefugeesSeekingSafety simulation here.

Read the article in Cabrini College's student newspaper The Loquitur about the 10 year anniversary here.



Please also read our CRS Newswire update about this celebration and follow us on Twitter (@CRSUniversity) for more information.