February Meeting Guide: Launching I am Global Hunger

[Note: As a new effort to support CRS Student Ambassadors, each month we will release a guide for your on-campus meetings.  This will serve to provide relevant updates as well as an opportunity for ongoing education and reflection on the mission of CRS.  You can find other months' Meeting Guides here, which can be used flexibly and adapted as needed.]

February 2018

Key Theme: Launching I am Global Hunger

Opening Prayer

God of sun and god of rain,

In you, there is no dryness. 
In you, no weed chokes the root. 
No blight withers the leaf. 
No frost bites at the blossom. 

And so we pray for farmers and their harvests everywhere. 
In you, seeds of tears yield a bountiful harvest of joy. 
May the rice farmer in Madagascar know such bounty.

In you, seeds of truth and courage yield a bountiful harvest of justice. 
May the coffee farmer in Honduras know such bounty. 

In you, seeds of compassion yield a bountiful harvest of wisdom. 
May the cacao farmer in the Philippines know such bounty. 

In you, seeds of hope yield a bountiful harvest of fulfillment. 
May the vegetable farmer in Haiti know such bounty. 

In you, seeds of love yield a bountiful harvest of forgiveness and reconciliation. 
May the cassava farmer in Zambia know such bounty. 

In you, seeds of the Gospel yield the glorious harvest that is our salvation. 

God of all harvests, bless all planters everywhere: All who sow and all who gather, All who nourish and all who weed, All who thresh and bundle and bring to market. And bless all harvests. 
Sprinkle your living water on our fields, on our relationships, on our communities, on our hearts. 
And kiss us with the light and warmth of your undying sun. 
May all our harvests reflect the Harvest that is yet to come.


Community Building

  • Welcome any new ambassadors & do introductions
  • Suggested Icebreaker Question of the Month: Share the story of your name.

Catholic Social Teaching: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

  • Watch: CST 101 Video: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
  • Reflect:
    • How does Jesus’ own poverty, and the witness of his encounter with the “other,” challenge you?
    • When have you felt inspired by the work of people living in poverty to transform the causes of injustice? How can you join or support their efforts? 

CRS on the Ground: Global Hunger

Act Now: Advocate to Congress to Fight Hunger

Planning Time

  • Review highlights and challenges from any recent events or activities. Are there any changes you would make for the future? Do you have any examples of success that you could share with CRS or other campuses?
  • What events/programs are upcoming? Do you have the resources you need?
  • Do you want to incorporate what you have learned about I am Global Hunger into any programming, advocacy, or fundraising this year? 
    • You may want to consider hosting a "Simple Supper for Global Hunger" this Lent or spring semester. This how-to guide integrates I am Global Hunger resources with CRS Rice Bowl to offer a meaningful awareness event culminating in advocacy.

    • Review the I am Global Hunger resources, action opportunities, stories, videos, and other materials here to determine what might be most useful.

Closing & Next Steps


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