February Meeting Guide: Advocacy

Welcome back for another semester!  It is now time to contribute to the greater good by planning advocacy visits in the local districts of your colleges/universities or in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill.  Many of our CRS Student Ambassadors are excited to continue advocacy work after a successful, first-time experience at the CRS SALT Summit in July 2018, and others are ready to join the movement.  This guide will help you through the planning process and provide connections between advocacy and Catholic Social Teaching. Thanks for voicing your values with CRS!

February 2019

Key Theme:  Advocacy 

Opening Prayer

Because We Are Yours

Community Building 

  • Welcome any new CRS Student Ambassadors to the group and have them introduce themselves. Ask these new Ambassadors what drew them to be a part of the CRS Student Ambassador Program at their college/university. 
  • Icebreaker question of the month:  What is your favorite winter activity?  

Catholic Social Teaching:  Life and Dignity of the Human Person 

  • CST 101:  Life and Dignity of the Human Person
  • Reflect
    • Where do you see the Life and DIgnity of the Human Person being threatened in the world today?  
    • What are ways in which you see the Life and Dignity of the Human Person being protected in today's society?  
    • Who is in a position of power to ensure that the Life and Dignity of the Human Person is protected?  
    • How might God be calling you to advocate for the dignity of all?  

CRS on the Ground - CRS SALT Summit 2018 Recap

  • As part of SALT Summit 2018, CRS Student Ambsasadors from the United States of America had the opportunity to be advocates on Capitol Hill, speaking to their Senators and Representatives. CRS Student Ambassadors lobbied Congress to negotiate Fiscal Year 2019 spending, asking for the highest possible funding levels for international development and humanitarian assistance.  
  • Watch:  SALT Summit 2018 Facebook Live Event
  • Read:  "Why We Must Show Empathy Toward the Other" by CRS Student Ambassador and CRS SALT Summit Advocate, Astrid Serano, St. Martin's University

Act Now 

  • Plan Your "Voice Your Values" Advocacy Visit(s):  Advocacy Visit How-to Guide
    • Find the Senators and Representative who correspond with the location of your college/university and where you can meet with them.  
    • Aim to schedule your visits during February and March, but if this does not work for your campus, advocacy never goes out of season!  
    • Learn how to prepare for your advocacy visits with background information and talking points.  
  • Text to Sign 
    • Use this feature to take immediate action on the issue of migration, which you will then be speaking to your Congress People about in-person.  
      • Step 1:  Text "I am Migration" to 30644.  
      • Step 2:  Click the link that will automatically respond.  
      • Step 3:  Enter your information and personalize the letter.  
      • Step 4:  Hit "submit" and become an advocate.  

Campus Action Planning 

  • In addition to planning and preparing for your advocacy visits, be sure to check out the 2018-2019 Student Ambassador Calendar
  • What is upcoming? 
    • February 8th - International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking and Feast Day of Saint Bakhita
      • Make an impact with this new how-to guide to help your institution address unintnetional responsibility for human trafficking via our "Changing the Way We Care" initiative as well as opportunities to investigate and transform the supply chains of materials used on capmpus so that they can avoid slave labor.  
    • February/March - Schedule advocacy visits
    • March 6th - Ash Wednesday; CRS Rice Bowl Begins 

Closing Prayer 

To Reach Across Borders