Fair Trade your Fundraising

Fundraising can sometimes seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth. There’s a lot of planning, logistics, and anxiety over how successful it will turn out to be.  Yet, it’s a necessity on campus—whether for a spring break service immersion trip, a leadership conference, or just some extra money in your CRS Student Ambassador budget.

Luckily, CRS Fair Trade has an easier alternative to traditional fundraising options: FAIR TRADE FUNDRAISING! CRS Fair Trade works with two partners, Equal Exchange and Serrv, to offer easy-to-do fundraisers with high quality products that actually make the world a better place at the same time. Get started today and choose from a Community Order with Serrv or a Catalog Fundraiser with Equal Exchange.

UST Fair Trade Sale

(University of Saint Thomas CRS Student Ambassadors host a holiday fair trade sale.)

Here are 6 great reasons to use CRS Fair Trade partners for your next fundraiser:

  1. It’s easy.
    Both Serrv and Equal Exchange have similar models to that of Girl Scout cookies--in that all orders (and money) are taken in advance and submitted in one big order. This means that you can fundraise on your own time and around your own schedule.
  2. It’s guaranteed to work.
    All of the orders are taken ahead of time so you don’t need to worry about having extra items at the end.
  3. It’s a better deal.
    For Serrv Community Orders you will receive free shipping and a 20% discount on the total purchase amount, which becomes your profit (note: orders must total at least $300).  Equal Exchange has a 40% profit on all Catalog Fundraisers.  Taking into account that other for-profit organizations (like restaurants or other catalogs) will often only give you 10-15% of the proceeds, it's easy to see why our CRS Fair Trade partners will help you earn more money for your cause.
  4. You can target specific groups on campus.
    You could go directly to certain clubs and organizations who you know may be interested in some of the fair trade products. Maybe you have a club that hosts coffee nights and could introduce them to fair trade coffee or a fashion club that would love stylish fair trade accessories.
  5. They’re great for service/immersion trips. (By the way, here is a great service-immersion guide from CRS if you are looking for reflections or prayers during, before, and after your trip.)
    Service trips are almost always very expensive, and fundraising is necessary to offset the cost. Our CRS Fair Trade fundraising models are a great way to raise money because not only will you earn more profit but you will also be able to better educate others.  Many items from our fair trade partners are from places you might travel to, so you can make money and have an opportunity to tell people about where you’re going and what you will be doing.
  6. It makes the world a better place.
    All of the products from Serrv and Equal Exchange are fair trade so with every item you sell you are bringing dignity to workers around the world.  Learn more here about how fair trade actually works to create a better world.  Additionally, with every purchase made through CRS Fair Trade partners, a percentage of your sales will come back to the CRS Fair Trade Fund, which supports CRS overseas programming and encourages growth within the fair trade movement. 

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Now, how do I make it happen?

The full step-by-step processes can be found here:

Happy Fundraising!