CRS Honors World Day of Peace


Each year on January 1, the global Catholic Church honors World Day of Peace. Read this year's World Day of Peace message from Pope Francis.

World Day of Peace



CRS Peacebuilding work around the world

  • At the heart of the social mission of the Catholic Church is a call to work for justice and peace. Cultivating just and peaceful societies is part of our mission statement and an essential component of integral human development. We believe personal wellbeing can only be achieved in the context of just and peaceful relationships.  In 2015, CRS invested $31.4 million in 76 justice and peacebuilding projects in 33 countries.

CRS University Faculty Learning Commons Sessions on Peacebuilding



Praying and acting for peace is tied to so many other global issues.  In the world today, for example, we see more refugees than ever fleeing conflict and violence. As we pray to build peace, we also pray in solidarity with the suffering of so many around the globe.



As Pope Francis says, we can all be "artisans of peace."  Our role in building peace often means taking advantage of opportunities to unite our voices with others calling for concrete change.  In this case, we can ask our governemnt to do all in its power to help meet the immediate and long-term needs of people around the world.  Here are some current issues through which you can call for the creation of a better and more peaceful world:



Here are some opportunities to make a donation that will contribute concretely to the work of peacebuilding through CRS:

  • Fundraise for or donate to support CRS work supporting those fleeing violence in Syria and Iraq.
  • Make a general donation to CRS, as all of our work holistically integrates peacebuilding.



World Day of Peace