Bring Elementary School #EarthDay Ideas to YOUR Campus

Elementary School seems to be the place to celebrate Earth Day.  At least it was for me!  So, I realized that if I wanted to celebrate Earth Day again, I could just look back to elementary school for some inspiration! 

And so I present some child-inspired and earth-approved ways to make the most of Earth Day on a college campus! (Hint: Less lectures and documentaries and more arts, crafts, and snacks!)



Elementary School: Make A Bird Feeder

Sometimes this means building an actual house to fill and refill with bird seed, and sometimes it means finding the finest pinecone in site, smearing it in peanut butter, coating it with the bird seed, and hanging it from a branch.

College Campus: Plant!

While we don’t all have gardens on campus, we can still find ways to plant! Check to see if there’s a compost garden on campus you can help with, or even try and start one. A compost garden uses compost soil to maintain healthy plants and could allow for a section of campus to be maintained by students. Or if planting on campus might be a tad difficult, get a simple plant for your windowsill! It could make an old fashioned mother’s day gift in a month! (Remember to add water!)



Elementary School: Go for a walk outside!

At my elementary school we had a little bit of woods with a walking trail and a pond which we would always go back to. It had a walking bridge and in those days felt like one of the best adventures ever.

College Campus: Just Go Outside!

It’s finally warming up so celebrate the earth by just enjoying it! Get out of the library, even for a few minutes.  Practice flashcards for finals on a walk.  Maybe even track down a bike instead of using a car!



Elementary School: Learn About Recycling!

Learning about the different ways to recycle and how it helps the earth.  Remember the 3 R's--Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

College Campus: Actually Recycle and Bring Ya Friends Along!

Make an effort to sort out what you use on campus into the different recycling bins on campus, and maybe even consider joining the earth based club responsible for promoting it!



Elementary School: Make Dirt Cups

Made with chocolate pudding, crushed up Oreos as a layer at the top, a touch of whip cream, and of course gummy worms floating about!

College Campus: Make Dirt Cups (Just more of them because now you are twice the size!)

It may be an elementary favorite, but it’s also simple for dorm life, delicious, and if it’s in the spirit of Earth Day, it can’t possibly be wrong. (And it should be taken off Kids’ Menus and declared a grown up dessert!)


Happy Earth Day, everyone!


Note: Adam Varano is a CRS Student Ambassador at Saint John's University and a CRS University Digital Media Leader for Spring 2015.