August Daydreaming

In the middle of winter, it might seem like a nice daydream to think back to what you were doing in mid-August of 2014.

Pop quiz (and you thought finals were over…).  Were you:

  1. Enjoying the last days of summer
  2. Soaking up the sun
  3. Finishing up a summer job or internship
  4. Spending time with family and friends before nose-diving into a new set of too-expensive textbooks
  5. All of the above

Or were you one of the 40 students and 25 faculty and staff from around the country who made a final summer trip: to CRS Headquarters in Baltimore, MD to attend the 2014 National CRS Student Ambassador Conference? 

Over the course of three days, these representatives from 30 colleges and universities gathered alongside CRS staff for training, idea-sharing, community-building, and the re-launch of an enhanced CRS Student Ambassador Program.

The conference featured simulations of several impactful campus events, re-created by those who originally held the events on their own campuses, including

  • Syrian refugee sleep-out
  • Prayer vigil for unaccompanied children
  • Interactive model for participants to experience firsthand the complexity of the U.S. immigration system.

Students and advisors also built leadership skills and learned best practices from campus and CRS experts, for example:

Community/campus organizing

  • Legislative advocacy
  • Catholic Social Teaching & CRS Guiding Principles
  • Event planning

The 2014 National CRS Student Ambassador Conference was truly the first of its kind, a chance for representatives from across the country to meet, explores issues of global social justice with, and learn from each other. The resulting enthusiasm was palpable; attendees and CRS staff alike left energized and eager to put into practice what was explored and discussed at the conference.  We are seeing the fruits of this now, as students, faculty and staff are back on campus bringing to life the mission of global solidarity in partnership with Catholic Relief Services. 

Check out this page on our website for more information on upcoming trainings in your area!