April Meeting Guide: Changing the Way We Care

Note: As a new effort to support CRS Student Ambassadors, each month we will release a guide for your on-campus meetings.  This will serve to provide relevant updates as well as an opportunity for ongoing education and reflection on the mission of CRS.  You can find other months' Meeting Guides here, which can be used flexibly and adapted as needed.]

April 2018

Key Theme: Changing the Way We Care

Opening Prayer

Lord of all, 

Bless our families. 
Be they formed by blood or by circumstance, 
Make them holy. 

As you reveal yourself to us in three persons: 
Father, Son, and Spirit, 
And in the relationship that flows among the three,
 May we find you in our relationships. 
In our marriages, in our families 
In our households, in our communities 
In our global humanity. 

May we look across all that divides us 
And see family And embrace as a family does. 
And love as a family ought to.

For where two or three gather in your name 
There are you in the midst. 
There indeed are you, 
The one for whom we long so deeply.


Community Building

  • Welcome any new ambassadors & do introductions
  • Suggested Icebreaker Question of the Month: Share a cherished family memory or tradition.

Catholic Social Teaching: Call to Family, Community and Participation

  • Watch: CST 101: Call to Family, Community and Participation
  • Reflect:
    • In our families and faith communities, how can we cultivate a sense of responsibility for building a society in which the dignity of each person is recognized and protected?
    • How does your own participation in one or more communities enable you to contribute toward creating a global community in God’s vision of justice?

CRS on the Ground: Changing the Way We Care

Planning Time

  • Review highlights and challenges from any recent events or activities. Are there any changes you would make for the future? Do you have any examples of success that you could share with CRS or other campuses?
  • What events/programs are upcoming? Do you have the resources you need?
    • Graduation Cords: Each spring, we are honored to recognize and thank our dedicated graduating CRS Student Ambassadors with blue and white CRS cords that can be worn at graduation and other commencement activities.
    • CRS 75th Anniversary - New updates and podcasts available each month, don't miss out!

Closing & Next Steps

  • What are the action items that need to be completed before your next event or meeting? Have they been clearly identified and assigned?