CRS Student Ambassador Training

National CRS SALT Summit 2018: July 15-18, 2018


At CRS SALT Summit 2018, CRS Student Ambassadors and Advisors will have the opportunity to meet others in the national network, connect with CRS staff and experts, build leadership and campus organizing skills, and better understand the global work of CRS and our potential for impact as college students and staff, including advocacy training and preparation as well as advocacy meetings on Capitol Hill with the offices of your Senators and Representatives. 

Download a one-pager with more information, including times, locations, application process, cost, and who should attend.

Apply now to reserve a spot for your campus delegation.  Priority deadline: February 28, 2018.

Note: Check-in will be July 15 in the evening.  There will be no actual programming until the morning of July 16, but we ask participants to arrive on Sunday evening for a Monday morning start.

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CRS Student Ambassador Online Training


Our online training program is the perfect introduction to CRS and what it means to be a CRS Student Ambassador!  Those who complete the training and submit the accompanying training form will be considered CRS Student Ambassadors on their campuses.  The content is similar to that of a Regional Training opportunity--aka a "101" level training as a CRS Student Ambassador, and you are welcome to participate as an individual or small group on campus.  Happy training!

  1. Online Training Video (core resource): 45:32 minutes in length.

  1. Online Training Form: This is a mandatory form for students/advisors to fill out as you work through the training video.  It corresponds to opportunities throughout the video to pause, reflect, and answer questions.  Please note that submission of this form is the only way we will know you have participated and thus the only way we can consider you a CRS Student Ambassador.
  2. Evaluation Form: Upon completion of the training video, please let us know your thoughts!

*Contact with any questions.



Fall Regional Trainings


Each Fall, CRS University offers training opportunities for students and accompanying staff to equip them to start, deepen and grow their CRS Student Ambassador chapter on campus.  A core group of students plus a staff advisor from each university are invited to attend. We welcome universities who have been partnering with us for many years as well as new universities who are interested in building a relationship with CRS on campus.  Check back for the Fall 2018 Regional Training schedule in Spring 2018.


National CRS SALT Summit 2016


SALT Attendees

Thank you for helping to make the CRS SALT Summit 2016 a success!  Below are a few ways to learn, read, see and hear what happened during our time together.

The first ever National Conference was held at CRS Headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland in August 2014 and welcomed representatives from 30 colleges and universities. Read a summary here.



CRS Student Ambassador On-Campus Trainings



Other forms of on-campus trainings are offered on an as-needed basis by CRS staff.  Please contact to inquire if you are interested in having a CRS staff person come to campus to train a group of students and staff as CRS Student Ambassadors and Advisors.  In particular, if you have participated in the online training above, we would love to come to campus for an abbreviated "training" session to follow up with skill-building and action planning for your particular campus context.