Student Opportunities

Why wait to make your impact?  Right now, wherever you live and study, you can make (and perhaps already are making) small and great efforts to create change and seek justice for the most materially poor and vulnerable people around the world!  CRS offers numerous avenues for you to work NOW, right on your campus, for global peace and justice.  We invite and encourage you to check-out or campus resources.  And, we invite you to be in contact with your CRS Regional University Relationship Manager with any questions or suggestions!

If you are looking to go overseas as a volunteer or to work for CRS, we invite you to read on and explore your options. CRS does not have a formal volunteer program.  Rather, we highly recommend that you begin your search and discernment with the assistance of the staff and resources of Catholic Network of Volunteer Services (CNVS).  Best wishes to you in your volunteer and career discernment.  If we can ever be of any assistance, please contact us.

Volunteer Overseas Now or After Graduation

Catholic Network of Volunteer Services (CNVS)

Looking to volunteer overseas now or after graduation? Catholic Network of Volunteer Services (CNVS) is THE place to start your search and discernment! CNVS is a non-profit membership organization of 200 domestic and international volunteer and lay mission programs with thousands of placement options. CNVS publishes and distributes RESPONSE, the most comprehensive handbook of lay mission volunteer opportunities. Volunteer overseas with the Good Shepherd Volunteers, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Maryknoll International, Mercy Volunteer Corps, and more!

Rostro de Cristo

In solidarity with the people of Ecuador, Rostro de Cristo (Face of Christ), offers 10 day retreats for university groups plus full time volunteer opportunities.

Internships in CRS U.S. Regional Offices

CRS does not have a formal undergraduate internship program. Rather, on occasion, our five CRS U.S. Regional Offices do except applications for semester-long internships for discreet projects. If interested in exploring possibilities, please be in touch with the Regional Director of your CRS U.S. Regional Office. Map and contact information.

Work for CRS

Current Job Openings

CRS International Development Fellows Program (IDFP)

Catholic Relief Services’ International Development Fellows Program (IDFP) gives people who are interested in a career in international relief and development an opportunity to increase their overseas experience and gain exposure to our programs. Each year, CRS places approximately 25 Fellows with our country programs overseas. Assignments are for one year, starting in late summer. Specific job responsibilities vary greatly from one country to another depending on the country program’s focus (Agriculture, Health, Peacebuilding, Education, Microfinance, or a combination of these). The goal of the IDFP is to place Fellows in positions where they can draw on their previous education and work experience, while broadening their skills. Many of our fellowships lead to regular positions with Catholic Relief Services.

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