CRS Student Ambassadors

CRS Student Ambassadors are working hard to mobilize campus engagement in tangible acts of solidarity with the global poor to build a more just and peaceful world! 

Join the movement!  Check out the calendar to see dates for a regional training near you, then register here: New Orleans, LA; Donaldson, IN; Applegate, CA; Washington, DC; Collegeville, MN; Queens, NY; Chicago, IL; Providence, RI; and Villanova, PA. 

During trainings, Student Ambassadors and Advisors have the opportunity to network with one another and head back to campus equipped to advocate for and educate others on social justice issues. In 2013, CRS was delighted to train 223 CRS Student Ambassadors from 42 colleges and universities.  And, already in August of 2014, CRS has trained 62 representatives from 30 colleges and universities around the country at our first-ever National CRS Student Ambassador Conference held in Baltimore, MD at CRS World Headquarters. 


CRS Student Ambassadors are supported by CRS programs, resources, and staff as well as by the administration of their own college or university.  Ambassadors represent a community of students from across the country who are committed to:

  • Learning about the plight of the world’s poor
  • Training their peers on global justice issues
  • Mobilizing their campuses to act for the recognition and respect of the poor’s inherent dignity
  • Standing in solidarity with the poor through prayer and faith-formation experience
  • Growing in their faith while engaging their campus in response to urgent needs around the world


CRS commits to supporting CRS Student Ambassador Chapters on campuses as they strive for an effective, efficient, and dynamic program structure that includes the following dimensions:

  • Ten or more Student Ambassadors with a leadership structure (President, Vice-President, Treasurer)
  • Institutional support from the college or university (i.e. being registered as an official student group or having an official place within a campus ministry or departmental structure)
  • A permanent faculty or staff advisor
  • Annual planning and goals, including at least 3 events or programs per year
  • Annual participation in a CRS Conference or Training
  • Communication with CRS Staff–including feedback, support, reporting, and celebration.  Specifically, we ask that each campus submits a brief report on each event and/or program held using this form.
  • Channels and procedures to mobilize campus during a global emergency


If you are interested in becoming a CRS Student Ambassador at your school, email us at  We look forward to hearing from you!

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