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CRS Rice Bowl 2017
CRS Rice Bowl Inspires Students during Lent

By: Marissa Roberto, CRS Student Ambassador at Cabrini University and CRS Intern in the Northeast / Mid-Atlantic Regional Office

Each year, members of the Catholic Relief Services community travel around the nation to speak about the work they do in their respective countries and how the different programs of CRS work with their communities. This year, Cecilia Suarez, Head of Office for Catholic Relief Services Mexico, was the guest speaker for the CRS Rice Bowl Encounter Tour in the Northeast Mid-Atlantic Region.

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ULL Fair Trade
Q & A with Amelie: Fair Trade at University of Louisiana at Lafayette

We recently took a few moments to check in with Amelie at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette about their campus fair trade efforts.  We hope that their example will be an inspiration and a guide to other campuses looking to more fully integrate fair and ethical trade.

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I am Human Trafficking
Q & A with Kevin: Creighton University and I am Human Trafficking

Visit our "I am Human Trafficking" page to learn more.

CRS is so grateful for the outpouring of solidarity with those who have experienced human trafficking by the Creighton University community.  Can you share more about what you did and why?

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CRS Honors World Day of Peace


Each year on January 1, the global Catholic Church honors World Day of Peace. Read this year's World Day of Peace message from Pope Francis.

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Fall 2016 I am the Cause. I am the Solution Online Letter Success

Thank you for all you've done to raise your voices for and with our global community to have a positive impact on the world.  The letters you've signed and the stories you've shared will have a lasting legacy on the justice issues that are most pressing across the globe today.

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Villanova I am Human Trafficking
Ribbons for Human Trafficking Justice

By Rita Marino, CRS Student Ambassador at Villanova University and CRS Intern in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Office

Wednesday, November 30 was no ordinary day in fashion on Villanova University's campus.  Piloted by Villanova CRS Student Ambassadors, dozens of students donned blue duct tape ribbons in honor of Human Trafficking awareness, one of CRS' three campaign issue areas this year.  

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Boston Advocacy
Ambassadors in the Media

This blog post will serve as a place for updated postings and links to examples of CRS Student Ambassador events, work and efforts on their campuses being featured in the media.  Please send any media stories featuring your CRS Student Ambassadors to to be featured here.  It's also a great place to look for examples of the work ambassadors do around the country!

Migration and Refugees

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Intern Explores CRS Diocesan Outreach

By: Rita Marino, CRS Student Ambassador at Villanova University and CRS Intern in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Office

Like many instances in life, I did not understand the grandness and complexities of CRS' domestic operations until I came on board as intern. This semester I have completed a myriad of tasks that have supported collegiate and high school outreach. Although most of my work has centered around university programming, this fall I had the exciting opportunity see how CRS engaged beyond the college setting with diocesan leaders and institutions.    

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"I am Migration" Campus Examples

For more resources and information on getting involved in the "I am Migration" campaign, visit our website.  If your campus has hosted an event that you would be willing to feature here, please email with photos, media links and brief description.


University of Saint Thomas

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